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Boot Camp Training

Are you called to plant a church? Do you have a vision for starting new faith communities? Great! Call and vision are vital in church planting ministry. However, you’ll need more than calling and vision to start a healthy church. You’ll need those along with well-thought out strategies, a comprehensive plan to implement those strategies, and God’s provision to see your vision become reality. That’s where Passion for Planting’s boot camp steps in. Through our experience with planting over 100 churches we’ve developed a dynamic training boot camp that prepares and equips leaders to plant healthy reproducing churches.

Our five-day intensive boot camp training equips church planters not by teaching theory, but by orienting planters with the nuts and bolts of church planting and helping them develop key philosophies and strategies needed to turn their vision into reality. Coming out of our boot camp participants are furnished with the tools, strategies and a comprehensive plan necessary for planting a reproducing church.

During the week of training participants will receive instruction from experienced church planters to glean from their wisdom and experience along with engaging in practical exercises that will help them produce foundational strategies to support the health and growth of a new church. If you’ve been called to plant a church we want to aid you in answering that call by outfitting you with the resources necessary for turning your dream into reality.

Key strategy documents produced during our boot camp include:

  • Prayer Team Strategy
  • Launch Team Strategy
  • Funding Strategy
  • Staffing Strategy
  • Networking Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Outreach Strategy
  • Ministry Team Strategy
  • Assimilation Strategy
  • Discipleship Strategy

Other teachings sessions include:

All of the week’s training culminates with the development of a detailed launch plan designed to keep church planters focused on the right things at the right time. Just like a home builder needs a plan for when each phase of construction needs to be completed (i.e. foundation, framing, roofing, plumbing, electrical, drywall, painting, etc.), so too church planters benefit from a sequenced order of tasks that keeps them on track leading to the launch of a healthy church. Church planters who participate in our boot camp leave with this sequenced order of tasks confident of what they need to do in order to plant reproducing churches that lead people closer to God.

To learn more about our boot camp or to inquire about upcoming training weeks please fill out this contact form and we’ll be glad to help you take your next steps in pursuing God’s call and vision.

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