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Newsletter June 2021

Loving Your Neighbor Prayer Walking If you have a desire to share God’s love and truth with your neighbors this summer, your priority should be to pray for them. As it’s been said, “You can do more than pray once you have prayed, but you can’t do more than pray […]

Newsletter May 2021

Devising Ways The Reset Summit Faith & Fitness Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, you’ve probably heard about the growing sport of Crossfit. Started in 2000 by two fitness enthusiasts, Crossfit has blossomed from a single gym to 15,000 affiliated gyms spread all over the […]

Devising Ways

Have you ever had a broken relationship or friendship you wished could be reconciled? God speaks to reconciliation in 2 Samuel 14:14, where His word tells us, “Like water spilled on the ground, which cannot be recovered, so we must die. But this is not what God desires; rather, he […]

Newsletter April 2021

Incorporation   Have you incorporated as a church? When starting a church, you don’t have to incorporate, but it does offer many benefits. One of those is the legal protection that it offers church leaders. Unfortunately, churches find themselves in the middle of legal disputes from time to time. If […]

Newsletter March 2021

Launch Stronger  In 1993, Brett Andrews and a few friends started New Life Christian Church with the vision of being a church-planting church. This young and small church in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. committed themselves to the mission of planting new churches because they believed it was the best […]

Newsletter February 2021

4Gen: Helping You Grow and Multiply 4Gen is a new ministry started by our friend Stan Rodda to help church leaders grow as disciple makers and refresh their souls. 4Gen does this in two main ways. First, they offer a free 8-week training cohort which equips church leaders to create a […]

Newsletter January 2021

Grasping What’s Ahead Horizon Storyline Discerning where God is leading you is the first step in pursuing the vision God has for your life and ministry. Next, you’ll benefit from formulating a plan that will guide you in pursuit of that vision. The biggest hinderance to achieving big visions can […]

Newsletter January 2022

Looking Forward Preparing for 2050   During most of the 20th century the Eastman Kodak company dominated the film industry. For over one hundred years the company was at the top of its industry. All of that changed, however, in the late 1990’s as film sales began to plummet due […]

Newsletter December 2020

Merry Christmas! Measure What Matters There’s a common axiom in leadership and management circles that says, “What gets measured improves.” Measuring helps us assess our health. We measure our weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol to give us a picture of our physical health and clue us into any changes we […]

Newsletter November 2020

What Every Church Plant Needs Where to Find Launch Team Members Throughout our years serving church planters, we’ve seen churches started with insufficient funds, non-existent marketing strategies, and without facilities to meet in, but we’ve never seen a church start without people. The church is people. That’s why it’s imperative […]