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Church Planting Software & Project Management

Church planting is hard. There’s a lot to do. You want to spend time leading and serving people, but those pesky admin details keep screaming for attention.

That’s why we created PlanterPlan.

PlanterPlan is an online tool to help you start a new church or multisite campus. It helps you keep track of all the details so you do the right things at the right time, and in the right order.

PlanterPlan is free for everyone! Our templates include everything you need to keep track of the details: the checklist of tasks, the built-in date engine for assigning due dates, team collaboration, delegation tools, tracking, and more.

It’s browser-based and responsive, so it doesn’t matter what size screen you’re using or which operating system you prefer. It just plain works!

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Why You Need PlanterPlan

phoneWhat started as a church planting checklist has gotten way smarter. With PlanterPlan, you’ll know what to work on first and what to save for later. You’ll know exactly how to do things you’ve never done before using each task’s step-by-step instructions. And that makes it easy to delegate tasks to your team members – the training is built right in!

PlanterPlan is not a cookie-cutter. It’s built on principles, asking you the right questions to tease out what God has put on your heart. And it’s updated every year based on feedback from real planters in the trenches.
What you end up with is more time with people and a healthier church with better systems. A church that has disciple-making and church planting baked in to the DNA.

Different Church Planting Models

We know that not everyone approaches planting churches in the same way. PlanterPlan already has templates for the following models:

  • Launch Large
  • Multi-Site
  • Bi-Vocational
  • …and a Fundraising Toolkit

Pick a template that best matches your church planting model, then further customize it to your context and calling.

Premium Upgrade

tabletYou get to test-drive our premium content for free: all the tasks in the first church planting Phase include extended descriptions and instructions, samples, templates, worksheets, and bonus content.

Like what you see? You can make church planting even easier by unlocking the premium content for the other 5 phases. Get PlanterPlan premium for a one-time $199 upgrade. Imagine the time and headaches you’ll save!

Get Organized

Your to-dos come neatly organized to keep things simple. The 6 church planting Phases are broken down into topical Milestones which contain the Tasks you’ll be working on. On any given day, you can focus on a single topic or you can work on what’s due next.

Invite Team Members

Church planting is a team sport. PlanterPlan helps you divvy up the work and delegate tasks out. Invite key volunteer leaders and staff to your PlanterPlan project and then assign tasks to them. Now you’re collaborating!

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Visually oriented? You’ll know where you’re at and what your priorities are with the easy-to-read reports and graphs. And they make easy to keep your sending organization or oversight team in the loop.


Here’s the fine print

PlanterPlan is freemium: you get the task list template and all of the functionality for free, and premium content is available for a one-time $199 upgrade for each project. There is no cost to invite other users to your project. Your PlanterPlan project will be accessible for 18 months and free extensions are available.

And, of course, PlanterPlan comes with some terms and conditions.

Church planting is hard. There’s a lot to do!

PlanterPlan helps you focus on people. After all, that’s why you’re on this church planting journey, right?

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