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It’s Time to Pivot in Discipleship

by Craig Etheredge Dietrich Bonhoeffer grew up in an upper-middle-class German family of doctors and scientists. So when he told his parents that he wanted to study theology, they were not that excited. Dietrich later became one of the world’s foremost theologians and thinkers of the 20th century. He is […]


Think Again: Why Religion is Good for Us

Today’s post is written by Mark Clark. Mark is Senior Pastor of Village Church in Vancouver, a close friend, and co-creator of our courses The Art of Better Reaching and The Art of Better Preaching. By Mark Clark Religious people live, on average, seven years longer than non-religious people. “Hold on, […]


How Can Jesus Be the Only Way?

by Craig Etheredge Jesus left no room for confusion. Jesus clearly said that He is the only way to salvation and reconciliation with God. In (John 14:6 ESV) He said, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” on […]


Four Signs that You Might Believe in Easy Jesus

By Discipleship.org: Whenever someone says that they believe in Jesus, I always wonder to myself, Which Jesus? What I call “Easy Jesus” is a common alternative to the real Jesus in my culture and context. Easy Jesus is, of course, easy to believe in because he only teaches what I […]


Applying Pandemic Learnings from Church Online to Post-Pandemic Church with Jenn Clauser

By unSeminary: Thanks for joining in for this week’s unSeminary podcast. We’re talking with Jenn Clauser, the Director of Communications at Coker United Methodist Church in San Antonio, Texas. She’s with us today to dig deeper into online church and how to integrate it as a core part of our […]


Is Fear Holding You Back?

Fear can hold you back, but the Spirit can make you bold. Probably the biggest excuse that keeps us from talking about Jesus is fear. We are afraid to talk to someone we don’t know. We are afraid of how they will respond. We are afraid of looking foolish or […]


A Diagnostic Tool for Disciple Makers

By Justin Gravitt: Let’s take a moment to appreciate doctors. They really are amazing people. Whenever anything goes wrong with your body, they embark on a quest to diagnose, then treat the problem. They start by intently listening to your experience. They ask questions. They use instruments to poke, and […]

Future Church

Will Mancini handed in the manuscript for his most recent book Future Church to his publisher on March 8th 2020. Several days later Covid-19 was declared a worldwide pandemic and pastors were forced to adapt their ministry efforts just to continue functioning as a church. Constrained by social-distancing guidelines, public […]


God’s Love Language

By Craig Etheredge: In 1992, a book was published that took off like wildfire. To date, it has sold more than 10 million copies, has been translated into 50 different languages, and earned a spot on Amazon’s top 100 best seller’s list of all time. That book is “The 5 […]


Prioritize Sharing the Gospel in Times of Crisis

Home > Blog > Prioritize Sharing the Gospel in Times of Crisis Prioritize Sharing the Gospel in Times of Crisis By Ed Stetzer As we look forward to moving through 2021––and past 2020––we need to learn from the crises we’ve faced over the last year. Lots of challenges have been […]