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CNLP 301: Albert Tate on How to Add Humour to Your Talks, Porn, Sex and Handling the Pressures of Leadership

by Carey Nieuwhof: Albert Tate is one of the funniest conference speakers and preachers around today. In this episode, Albert breaks down how he finds comedic moments and how to deliver them. In addition, Albert talks candidly about his struggle with porn, deep accountability, sex and how to handle the […]


The Number One Killer Of Church Planters, Part 2

Home > Blog > The Number One Killer Of Church Planters, Part 2 The Number One Killer Of Church Planters, Part 2 By Ben Connelly In part 1, we examined the names and faces of pride in Scripture. In part 2, we will continue this discussion with Israel’s leaders and […]


Fresh Expressions – Cultivate: Coffee and Tea

by Healthy Growing Churches: In July, we introduced a new series called Fresh Expressions of the Church. Since that time, we have talked with some incredible, visionary leaders who are thinking outside the box with regards to “church.” Today, I’m excited to introduce you to Matt Chesney from Eagle Ridge […]


Funding Future Facilities

Home > Blog > Funding Future Facilities Funding Future Facilities By John Muzyka Today’s economy requires churches to have specific funds set aside for ministry and facilities. For a church plant, the start-up phase requires support from outside groups and it requires the planter to be a good steward of […]

Why Your Vision Statement Is Overrated

by Shawn Lovejoy: Every organization has a vision statement. Does a well-worded vision statement grow an organization? Vision statements are a dime a dozen as far as I’m concerned. At the end of the day, a vision statement is just a statement. It has no life on its own. It […]


The Two Big Reasons Why Believers Give Praise to God

The Two Big Reasons Why Believers Give Praise to God .et_post_meta_wrapper by Brandon Cox: We’re a pragmatic society. Meaning, we usually don’t invest time into doing something unless we can see the personal benefit of it, the more immediate the better. And pragmatism isn’t all bad. Sometimes the right question […]


Planting With the Intention of Multiplying

Home > Blog > Planting With the Intention of Multiplying Planting With the Intention of Multiplying By Ed Stetzer Today, I want to dive deeper into a few questions that new churches typically ask: If I’m a new church, should I plant another church? Should I wait and let my […]


Afraid to Make A Move? 7 Risks Any Leader Can Take.

by Carey Nieuwhof: The problem with many leaders is that there is a gap between what they want to see happen and the courage it takes to get there. You dream of a radical new future, but then you answer email all day, go to meetings, inhale caffeine and go […]


4 Ways to Show You’re Really ‘In Love’ with Your Spouse

4 Ways to Show You’re Really ‘In Love’ with Your Spouse .et_post_meta_wrapper I first met my wife in high school. I was a senior, she was a junior, and we were seven lockers apart. We met. We talked… a LOT. We fell in love. That phrase is actually a pretty good […]


3 Things They Never Taught Me About Leadership in College

This is a blog post by Dillon Smith. Dillon is the content manager for Carey Nieuwhof Communications and a member of the Speaking Team. You can book Dillon to speak at your next event or on for an interview on your podcast here. By Dillon Smith There are some things they just never […]