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Project Management Services

church plant project management services

Through church plant Project Management Services, our project manager will work with you hand-in-hand to make sure every step of the church planting process comes together at the right time. We help you get from where you are now to where God’s vision is calling you.

We were a pioneer in providing project managers to church planters starting almost 20 years ago. Over those years we’ve learned a ton that will help you plant a church in your community. We work virtually with you during the crucial 9 months or so leading up to the launch of weekly worship gatherings. It’s like having a part-time Executive Pastor on your team that comes with church planting experience!


We also built PlanterPlan, a church planting project management app to keep you, your coach and your team all on the same page. You’ll all be shooting at the same target from the first day through the opening day of worship gatherings!

We’re always refining both the app and the bonus content to make sure the tasks are relevant, make your job easier and come at you in the right order.

Hear from Patrick O’Connell how Project Management helps you launch a healthy, reproducing church:

Your project manager will help you troubleshoot problems and challenges. He will encourage you and equip you, and sometimes hold your feet to the fire when it helps. He’ll co-create detailed plans with you and help you think through big decisions like where to meet, how many services to have, how to go about community outreach, and much, much more.

Here’s What you Get with Project Management Services

  • Weekly video calls:
    • Watches the important deadlines and keeps the project on track
    • Puts together a weekly focus list for both of you
    • Encourages and prays for you
  • Help crafting and implementing your strategies:
    • Disciple-making Strategy
    • Mission, Vision & Values
    • Launch Strategy (business proposal)
    • Fundraising Strategy
    • Community Networking Strategy
    • Launch Team Development Strategy
    • Outreach Strategy
    • Leadership Development Strategy
    • Staffing Strategy
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Ministry Teams Strategy
    • Facilities and Equipment Strategy
    • Assimilation Strategy
    • Church Multiplication Strategy
  • Help developing a 3-year church budget
  • Help with demographics research
  • A corporate records notebook (physical & virtual)
  • Help drafting Management Team meeting minutes
  • Complete legal entity formation support:
    • Draft Articles of Incorporation
    • File Articles with Your State
    • Get a Federal Employment ID Number (EIN)
    • Draft Bylaws
    • Help get Bank Accounts Set Up
    • Get Church Insurance
    • Prepare & Submit the infamous IRS 501c3 packet
    • Help you get Sales Tax Exemption
    • Get you Non-profit Postage Pricing
  • Help with researching and purchasing startup equipment
  • Ready-to-use HR systems and forms, including a Staff Policy Manual
  • A Church Operations Manual (systems and processes)
  • Monthly Project Status Reports to Your Management Team or supervisor

Listen to what church planter Chris Pasik appreciated about Passion for Planting’s Project Management services.


We’d love to chat with you about the cost of project management support. Use the contact form below and we’ll connect!

Project Management vs Coaching

We believe in the value of Church Plant Project Management AND Coaching.  The Project Manager and Coach are two separate but equally important roles. In broad strokes:

Project Management

  • ensures you are establishing systems for a healthy launch of worship gatherings
  • focuses on the what, when, where & how
  • sets the agenda and connects with you every week
  • manages timelines
  • makes sure you document strategies
  • helps implement those strategies
  • offers tactical/execution experience


  • ensures you are establishing healthy practices for the long haul
  • focuses primarily on the who & why
  • lets you set the agenda and connects with you monthly-ish
  • asks questions
  • challenges you
  • helps you make strategic decisions
  • offers feedback on strategy documents
  • offers leadership experience

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