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CNLP 413: Francis Chan on Escalating Division, Asian Hate, and Why Influence in the Church Can’t Come from Self-Promotion

By Carey Nieuwhof: Francis Chan has become convicted that division in the church is escalating and causing deep harm. He also thinks it’s tied to the desire for celebrity and influence so many leaders have. Francis also talks about racial division and his experience as an Asian-American who has been […]


5 Signs Your Church Might be Heading Toward Progressive Christianity

By: Alisa Childers Several years ago, my husband and I began attending a local Evangelical, non-denominational church, and we loved it. We cherished the sense of community we found among the loving and authentic people we met there, and the intelligent, “outside the box” pastor who led our flock with […]

The Reset Summit

2020 was a year of disruption. While most churches figured out how to pivot in the face of COVID-19, most of us are wondering what’s next? How has this pandemic forever changed our world and affected our ability to make disciples and start new churches? What changes do we need […]

PODCAST 122: Millennials, Evangelism & Digital Church

<span id=”hs_cos_wrapper_post_body” class=”hs_cos_wrapper hs_cos_wrapper_meta_field hs_cos_wrapper_type_rich_text” data-hs-cos-general-type=”meta_field” data-hs-cos-type=”rich_text”><span id=”hs_cos_wrapper_post_body” class=”hs_cos_wrapper hs_cos_wrapper_meta_field hs_cos_wrapper_type_rich_text” data-hs-cos-general-type=”meta_field” data-hs-cos-type=”rich_text”></span></span> By TheChurch.Digital: For the podcast here, Clivane has a unique perspective of church online. She’s Canadian (okay, that’s not unique). She’s a millennial (once again, not unique). She works at an Anglican Church (historically, not unique at […]


Episode 577: The Role of Denominations in Church Planting

By NewChurches.Com: In Episode 577 of the NewChurches Q&A Podcast, Daniel and Ed discuss why denominations are still important in church planting today. In This Episode, You’ll Discover: What some denominations are doing to support church planting What benefits are gained from joining a denomination  Shareable Quotes (#NewChurches): “Denominations can […]


The Moment We’re In and the Mission We’re On

Home > Blog > The Moment We’re In and the Mission We’re On The Moment We’re In and the Mission We’re On By Ed Stetzer In Part 1 we looked at the different categories of people in terms of their views of the pandemic and how to communicate with them. […]


The New Scarcity: Why Content Alone Won’t Generate Future Growth For Your Church Or Organization

By Carey Nieuwhof: For years, the key to growth for many churches and other organizations (think media, conferences etc) has been to create great content. In the case of a church, great preaching often (not always, but often) has been synonymous with growth. In the case of conferences, media and […]


What Can We Do About All the Problems? We Can Keep Showing Up

By Brandon Cox: So, what do we do about all this stuff? Years of preaching and listening to sermons about how to be positive, happy, and successful definitely did NOT prepare us to endure a lengthy global pandemic, which triggered a recession, which occurred during an election year, in which […]


7 Disruptive Leadership Trends That Will Rule 2021

By Carey Nieuwhof: Just when you thought the world couldn’t get any more turbulent or surprising, the opening moments of 2021 still have everyone trying to catch their breath. So what are the leadership trends you should be tracking in 2021? For years I’ve done a series of church trends […]


Five Ways to Know Your Community

Home > Blog > Five Ways to Know Your Community Five Ways to Know Your Community By Jason Daye If your church wants to be effective at building bridges into your community, then you must have a good understanding of your local community. Where are you? Who lives around you? […]