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Newsletter March 2024

Reaching The Lost How Do Movements Start? Jesus didn’t start a church; he started a Kingdom movement which spread across the globe. It’s like he infected his disciples with a contagious virus that they couldn’t help but spread wherever they went. Can this type of movement happen again? It happened […]

Newsletter February 2024

The Winning Combination Church Staff Hiring Process Hiring staff members can be an intimidating and complicated process. Too many church planters make the mistake of hiring a friend without putting them through a formal interview process. This will often lead to conflict that could have been avoided if the candidate […]

Newsletter January 2024

New Year, New Goals Fuel Your Passion If you’re serious about losing weight this year, you probably have a plan on how you’ll do it. That plan probably includes an adjustment to your diet and exercise regimen which will help you burn more calories than you consume. If you do […]

Newsletter December 2023

The Best News Ever What’s Your Story? Your church has a compelling story to share with your community. Make sure to craft that story in a way that appeals to them. This is why before developing a marketing strategy, you have to do some contextualization homework. That will help you […]

Newsletter November 2023

We’re Better Together You Are An Equipper As a church planter, what is your primary function? Are you predominately a preacher, teacher, pastor, or event coordinator? No. Your primary function as a church planter is an equipper. You need to supply your people with a constant source of vision, so […]

Newsletter October 2023

Connecting The Disconnected Church Assimilation Strategy Principles If it seems like the majority of your church’s first-time guests aren’t sticking and staying in your church, don’t panic. You’re not alone.¬†Research¬†indicates that most growing churches have a first-time guest retention rate of about 20% – meaning that 1 out of 5 […]

Newsletter September 2023

Unleashing The Power of Family Discipleship Real Life Theology Conversations As a church leader, you want to see the baton of faith passed along to the next generation. That’s why you champion the cause of Christ-centered children’s ministry at your church. You recruit passionate team members to lead it, but […]

Newsletter August 2023

New Possibilities Asynchronous Community Covid forced many churches to enter into the digital ministry space. Now that churches are back meeting in person, what are we to do with all the online ministry skills and expertise we gained? Do we ditch it and put all our eggs into local, in-person […]

Newsletter July 2023

Leading With Vision Reproducing Leaders If you have a God-sized vision, you won’t be able to accomplish it alone. You’ll need to develop leaders to work alongside you, investing their gifts and passions into the vision. So what will you do not only to develop leaders in your new church, […]

Newsletter June 2023

Kingdom Stewardship Church Plant Budget Worksheet Most church planters don’t have a business degree. Many haven’t even taken a finance class. That’s why when it comes time to create a church planting budget, they end up wasting time and energy starting from scratch with a blank spreadsheet. That’s why we […]