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Newsletter January 2023

Looking Ahead What Are You Measuring in 2023? Goals are most effective when you have a way to track your progress towards them. This is true of individuals as well as churches. Think for a second what your measure as a church: Do you measure attendance? Do you measure giving? […]

Newsletter December 2022

Word Power What’s a Disciple? Every church has the same mission: Glorify God by making disciples. We may word if differently from church to church, but on the most basic level the mission of every church is to make disciples. If that is your mission as a church, wouldn’t it […]

Newsletter November 2022

What Your Engagement Pathway? Church Assimilation – 4 Essential Ingredients When a new person shows up at your church and is interested in connecting beyond Sunday morning, what clear next step do you offer them to take? Do you give them more than one option, or just one? Are the steps simple enough […]

Newsletter October 2022

Do We Need More Church Buildings? Reimagining Church Real Estate Many churches start gathering in homes following the example of the church in Acts. Talk to any church planter or read church planting books and most tell stories of how their church started with a handful of people meeting in […]

Newsletter September 2022

The Future-Focused Leader Don’t Neglect This When Casting Vision   When you’re building a launch team it’s vital to get everyone working towards the same goals and prepared for inevitable changes that come as a church plant begins to blossom. All too often team members that help you start the […]

Newsletter August 2022

A Church For Your Community External Focus   Every church must fight to be an externally focused church. Naturally, churches tend to have a gravitational force at their center drawing its focus inward. Think about what most pastors spend their time doing: pastoral care/counseling, sermon preparation, worship service planning, leadership […]

Newsletter July 2022

Team Building Team Time   One skill church planters must master is stewarding the time they have with their team. Your time is valuable. Your team’s time is valuable. That’s why you need a plan for how you’ll make the most of your time together. One meeting format we’ve seen […]

Newsletter June 2022

Context Is King Studying Your Context   Our world is changing. Despite a pandemic and war, population continues to rise, and nations are becoming more diverse. In fact, by the year 2050 experts predict that there will no longer be a majority race in the United States. As church planters, […]

Newsletter May 2022

Funding the Vision Launch Vision Template   One common mistake church planters make when it comes to fundraising is focusing their messaging on the needs of their target community. They highlight statistics, thinking that’s going to motivate people to give. However, people generally don’t give generously to cover expenses or affect […]

Newsletter April 2022

A Church That Makes An Impact Sample Outreach Ideas   Do you remember when Covid-19 forced us to stay at home and keep our distance from people when venturing out to get essentials like milk and toilet paper? For some introverts this was an answer to prayer, but for most […]