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Future Church

Will Mancini handed in the manuscript for his most recent book Future Church to his publisher on March 8th 2020. Several days later Covid-19 was declared a worldwide pandemic and pastors were forced to adapt their ministry efforts just to continue functioning as a church. Constrained by social-distancing guidelines, public fear, financial setbacks, and clashing of opinions from within the church about the virus, church leaders began to grapple with how to pursue the mission of Jesus in the midst of a pandemic. Written to shed light on the current struggles many churches are facing to produce reproducing disciples of Jesus, Future Church offers solutions on how churches can focus their ministry efforts towards multiplying followers of Jesus in a world that’s constantly in flux. 

Future Church will inspire and challenge you to make disciples within your church by following the example of Jesus himself. The book draws its insight directly from the gospels, helping church leaders see how Jesus’ method for making disciples can be applied to how we lead churches now and in the coming years. 

As this book makes clear, it’s time to shift the way we’re obeying Jesus’ Great Commission. It’s time to admit that most of our ministry activities are not producing fruitful disciples. Most of the time they’re producing faithful church members, and a smattering of infrequent church attenders. That’s because the average church is over-programed and under-discipled. It’s time to shift our focus and develop a new paradigm for how we think about the church and the mission God has given us to accomplish. 
While the mission Jesus entrusted to his church hasn’t changed, how we go about accomplishing it has and will. Those methods should always be rooted in scripture and guided by Jesus’ example and voice. Are you ready to start dreaming about how your church will continue making disciples today, tomorrow and into the future? If you are, it’s time to read Future Church. If you want a sneak peak inside the book review its free visual summary. We think you’ll be encouraged and challenged!