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Newsletter — November 2017

Resourcing Ministry

Dale Spaulding, Director, Passion for Planting

For many churches November is budget time. It’s the time of the year when they review current year budgets and formulate budget projections for next year. It’s also the time of year when many churches and charities ask for year-end gifts. Don’t worry we’re not going to ask you for a gift, but we do want to help you on this topic.

In the book Courageous Leadership, Bill Hybels tells of a time when Theologian R.C. Sproul once asked him how much ministry he could do for one hundred dollars. Bill contemplated how to answer the question in a theological way, but before he could formulate an answer Sproul quipped, “You can do about a hundred dollars’ worth.” Sproul’s point was clear. Ministry requires resources – oftentimes financial resources.

As a church planter, you have a vision for your ministry. Pursuing this vision will require capital, whether it’s finances, time or people with their gifts and passions. Raising this capital isn’t easy. That’s why we’ve filled this month’s newsletter with resource-raising advice and tools to help you turn your vision into reality.

–Dale Spaulding, Director

November 2017 – Contents

  • Launch Vision
  • Generosity Tsunami
  • Giving Recording App
  • New Offering Basket

Launch Vision

Have you ever heard a church planter or pastor lament about their church’s “giving problem”? We have, but we don’t buy that excuse. In most cases their churches don’t have giving problems. They have vision problems. They lack a clear, compelling vision that communicates where God is leading the church and one that inspires people to sacrifice for the vision.

Vision is the one of the most powerful allies a church planter has while fundraising. In most cases church planters solicit support with little to show for their ministry efforts since the church hasn’t yet launched. However, what they do have is their vision – their dream of what could be and should be in their community as the result of the new church.

To help church planters cast their vision to potential supporters and launch team members, we encourage them to create a Launch Vision. This document summarizes a planter’s vision using compelling pictures, captivating stories and motivating facts and data. It’s a great tool to recruit launch team members and financial partners. Use Passion for Planting’s Launch Vision Template to encapsulate your vison in a way that attracts and retains supporters.

Generosity Tsunami

Ten years ago, leadership and fundraising coach Phil Ling studied the giving trends of about 4,000 churches in America. Phil stated that “the results were startling: 45% of those who give money to the church give less than $200 annually in the average American church. That 45% of the church combines to give about 1.5% of the average annual income.”

Fortunately, after awakening to this generosity crisis, Phil didn’t run from the problem, but set out to equip church leaders to disciple believers in the areas of stewardship and generosity. One tool he created for this purpose is his free ebook, The Generosity Tsunami. Download it today and gain practical advice on how to help others follow biblical principles in their finances.

Giving Recording App

One of the last things a church planter wants to give their time and attention to is recording church offerings. In fact, they shouldn’t have that responsibility in the first place, but should equip and empower a finance team to do that. This team will not only ward against financial scandals, but will also build trust and instill confidence in the congregation knowing that their gifts will be properly accounted for and used for ministry purposes.

So how does a church planter go about developing a trustworthy offering counting team and what tools are available to help this team succeed? You’ll find those answers and more in Could this Free App Make Recording Church Offerings Easier? blog post by Patrick Bradley.

New Offering Basket

Are you looking for an online giving solution that fits your church? Online giving solutions come in all shapes and sizes to accommodate every type of church. How do you know which one will best fit your church? Read The New Offering Basket to help determine which solution will best serve your church’s needs.