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Newsletter October 2021


Multiplying Your Influence

Patrick Bradley, Director of Operations, Passion for PlantingIs your church being a faithful steward of its resources? Many church leaders encourage their people to invest their time, talents, and treasures into God’s Kingdom. However, after reading Jesus’ Parable of the Talents in Luke 19:11-27, I’ve begun to wonder if our application of Jesus’ teaching on stewardship falls a little short. For example, as a church leader, when was the last time you thought about the people in your church as resources you’ve been entrusted with?

Think about the people God has placed under your care. How are you helping them grow not only in their character, but also in their spiritual influence? How are you helping them become a more confident and competent Kingdom leader? I’m afraid far too often we are content to feed our people good Biblical teaching, plug them into a ministry team or small group, and think our job is done. However, what if the person you placed on the welcome team has the potential to start a church or a world-changing non-profit?  What if they need our encouragement to realize their full potential? Are we being a faithful steward if they have the potential to lead the children’s ministry but settle for being a monthly volunteer?

As church leaders, I don’t think Jesus is only going to judge us on the basis of what we’ve done with our personal time, talents and treasures. I think he’s going to ask us what we’ve done with all the people under our care – how we’ve equipped and mobilized them to use their gifts to saturate the world with the Gospel.

We believe God is surrounding you with future leaders.  We encourage you to identify those potential leaders, invest in them, and help them increase in their influence for the Kingdom. That’s why we’ve packed this newsletter full of resources designed to help you grow the people God has placed under your care. Enjoy!

-Patrick Bradley, Director of Operations

October 2021 – Contents

  • Free Leadership Development Strategy Template
  • Leadership Development Resources
  • Church Planter Boot Camp
  • Inspiring Leaders

Leadership Development Strategy Template

How does your church develop leaders? Do you have an intentional strategy to help future leaders grow in their competency, character, and capacity? Don’t feel bad if you can’t answer that question with confidence. Most churches don’t have a defined strategy that guides them in this endeavor. That’s why we’ve designed a Leadership Development Strategy Template. It will help you set the course for how your church will invest in its future leaders.

Don’t rely on the few leaders that show up to your church to carry out the church’s ministry. Be a good steward of all the people God brings you and help them grow into their full potential for God’s kingdom. So how does your church develop leaders? Answer that with confidence by developing your church’s Leadership Development Strategy. Then implement it.

Leadership Development Resources

Growing up, Mac didn’t see himself as much of a leader and neither did most people. One man chose to see Mac differently, though. He was one of Mac’s professors in seminary. This man took Mac under his wing, invested in Mac and helped Mac blossom into a leader of leaders. Mac went on to plant a growing church and then created leadership development resources. His resources are now helping church leaders all over the world multiply their influence. 

Mac continues to create leadership training videosblog posts, and online courses designed to help you and your staff invest in future leaders. His resources are practical and to the point. Whether you’re looking for ideas on how to develop a church leadership pipeline or just for some simple, yet effective coaching questions, you’ll find them at Maclakeonline.com. Check it out and you’ll be one step closer to developing the leaders God’s placed around you. 

Church Planter Boot Camp

Have you ever engaged in a home improvement or car repair project and realized you didn’t have the right tool for the job? If you have, you’ve learned how important it is to have the right tools in your toolbelt. That’s why at Passion for Planting we focus on equipping church planters with tools, knowledge, ideas and resources that will help plant healthy multiplying churches. Offering church planters practical tools is what makes our boot camp training so beneficial. Research affirms this: read here about the correlation between training and the health of a new church.

The correlation exists because, unlike traditional seminary training, specific church planting training (like our Passion for Planting Boot Camp), doesn’t just teach theory. You will get practical resources and strategies that you’ll rely on as you cultivate communities of disciple making leaders. By participating in our boot camp, you will not only receive practical training on disciple making, outreach, fundraising, assimilation, leadership reproduction, and legal issues; you’ll learn how to develop your own comprehensive Launch Strategy with the help of experienced church planters. Our next boot camp is scheduled November 8th-12th in the Washington, DC area. Reserve your spot today!

Inspiring Leaders

Leaders develop other leaders. That’s why conferences offer great opportunities for leaders like you to invest in your team and potential leaders. Are you going to any conferences this year? If so, which young leader are you bringing to experience it with you and rub shoulders with other Kingdom leaders? While attending a conference by yourself can encourage you, think about the opportunity it offers you to feed a hungry aspiring leader with inspiration and vision for what God want to do in and through them. 

If you’re looking for a conference to attend and use to develop some leaders around you, here are a few suggestions:

Take advantage of one of these opportunities to invest in yourself and the leaders around you. 

Photos by Kyle Glenn, Jack Sharp, and Rachel Coyne from Unsplash.