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Newsletter September 2023

Unleashing The Power of Family Discipleship

Patrick Bradley, Director of Operations, Passion for PlantingSchool is back in session and that means the pressure is on our students. Whether you’re a parent, a student ministry worker, or a church planter, you have a huge opportunity to help those students persevere under the pressure they face at school. Students not only face the pressure to perform in the classroom; they also face the daily pressure to fit in. 

Unfortunately, fitting in oftentimes means compromising their faith convictions. That’s why it’s so important for church planters to develop a culture of family discipleship within their launch team.

In today’s rapidly changing world, you have to learn how to equip parents to be disciple makers in their own homes. It is no longer enough for churches to focus on providing children and student ministry programs that engage the next generation for an hour a week. Instead, you absolutely must come up with an effective strategy for empowering parents to become active participants in their children’s spiritual development.

This month’s newsletter delves into the importance of church planters figuring out how to equip parents to help their children trust and follow Jesus. And more importantly, it provides actionable insights on how to effectively accomplish this critical task.

Whether you are a church leader seeking guidance, or a parent yearning to play a more significant role in your child’s faith formation, this newsletter will offer you valuable insights to help you navigate this pivotal endeavor. Enjoy!

-Patrick Bradley, Director of Operations

Sept 2023 – Content

  • Real Life Theology Conversations
  • Family Discipleship Blueprint
  • Bolster Your Children’s Ministry
  • 4 Ideas to Better Equip Parents  

Real Life Theology Conversations

As a church leader, you want to see the baton of faith passed along to the next generation. That’s why you champion the cause of Christ-centered children’s ministry at your church. You recruit passionate team members to lead it, but even you know that the most dynamic children’s ministry cannot replace the pivotal role that parents should play discipling their kids seven days a week. From your years in ministry, you know that leaving the responsibility of discipleship solely to your children’s ministry or student ministry will not cut it in establishing a firm foundation of faith in the next generation.

That’s why we want to introduce you to Renew.org’s Real Life Theology Conversations. It’s the ultimate guide for parents who want to actively engage in teaching their children about Jesus and nurture their spiritual growth.

With this book, you have access to essential questions and answers that will help you guide meaningful conversations and lead you children to trust and follow Jesus daily. Equip the parents of your church with the tools they need to make a lasting impact on your child’s faith journey with the help of Real Life Theology Conversations. Renew is also offering free resources to help you launch a family discipleship campaign at your church. Download your free launch packet today!

Family Discipleship Blueprint    

Christian parents are becoming increasingly aware that they need more than just a few ideas to successfully pass on their faith to the next generation. They need a well-defined map to guide their discipling efforts. That’s exactly what Family Discipleship Blueprint offers. 

This free eBook provides you with a practical and adaptable plan to foster spiritual growth within your family. It presents a clear and structured approach, outlining year-by-year and step-by-step instructions for investing in a child’s spiritual development. It also gives you the flexibility to accommodate any family’s specific needs and rhythms.

Whether your kids are in high school or a highchair, Family Discipleship Blueprint will offer you practical ideas and insight to help you navigate the exciting, challenging and fulfilling journey following Jesus together as a family. Download your free eBook today. 

Bolster Your Children’s Ministry  

While the best people to disciple children are their parents, having the support of a church family is also helpful. The saying, “It takes a village” isn’t just cliche. It’s wisdom. It oftentimes does take a village to raise healthy, confident, Christ-loving kids. That’s why we want to help you recruit children ministry volunteers that will partner with families in their discipleship efforts. 

That is one of the biggest challenges children ministry leaders face. “We just have too many volunteers,” said no children’s minister ever. Pretty much every congregation could use more servant-hearted children ministry workers who are passionate about investing in the spiritual development of kids. To help your church recruit and build a healthy children’s ministry team, we’ve designed this Sample Children’s Ministry Recruitment Sheet. It will help you envision and clarify what roles people can play to help your children’s ministry excel. Download yours today! 

4 Ideas to Better Equip Parents

As a church planter you have limited time, energy, and money. That’s why you need to make sure your efforts are being spent on ministry that’s going to help you accomplish the mission. Assuming that part of your mission includes making disciples of the next generation, we think you’ll benefit from watching this 5-minute video featuring Brian Dembowczyk from The Gospel Project. Through the video, Brian shares four practical ideas on how churches can equip and empower parents to train their children in the ways of Jesus. 

Watch the video and envision the possibilities of collaborating with parents in your church to cultivate a strong foundation of faith in their children. To assess your church’s current effectiveness in this area, consider taking the free assessment offered by Drive Home Faith. What will you discover?

Photos by Tyler Nix and Elizabeth Wales from Unsplash.