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Church Planter Assessment

Church planting is not for everyone. It requires a unique calling and befitting gifts. That’s why church planting churches and organization must be elective in who they enlist and support to plant churches. If our goal is to produce healthy reproducing churches, we need to start with healthy reproducing leaders. Assessment helps identify those leaders.

Passion for Planting’s Assessment Center combines an informal pre-screening process along with a formal on-site assessment to evaluate a potential planter and their spouse’s calling, health, gifts, passions, strengths and weaknesses. Coming out of assessment candidates will not only know whether or not they’re called to church planting ministry, but will also understand the next steps they should take in order to pursue the vision God’s given them.

Our assessment team includes experienced church planters, seasoned pastors, and a clinical psychologist that examine candidates and their spouses through multiple lens to give participants a comprehensive view of their readiness to plant a church.

If you think God is calling you to plant a church, don’t move forward before investing into the assessment process. If God’s calling you to plant, assessment will not only help solidify that calling in your heart and mind, but it will supply you with helpful insight in regards to your leadership gifts and assist you in developing your church planting action plan.

If you’re interested in church planting and wondering if you have the gifts, passions, and experience assessors look for in church planters take this informal assessment: Church Planters Profiles.

Here are common characteristics shared by church planters:

  • Vision Capacity
  • Intrinsically Motivated
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Connected With Lost People
  • Delegates Ministry
  • Spousal Support
  • Outgoing
  • Passionate About Church Growth
  • Engaged With Their Community
  • Focused On Developing Leaders Around Them
  • Flexible
  • Resilient
  • Spiritually Mature
  • Fiscally Responsible

If your results indicate that you have the wiring to be a church planter and you’re interested in taking the next step in affirming your calling, please contact us to find out when our next Assessment is scheduled. We’d love to help you gain clarity in your church planting journey.

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