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Newsletter May 2023

Opportunities On The Horizon Pastors In The Marketplace Have you considered being bi-vocational while planting a church? It’s not for everyone, but many church planters work a second job while planting as a way to meet people in their community and provide for their families. If you already have an […]

Newsletter April 2023

It’s A Long Season Launch Vision Template One key to starting strong in a church plant is having clarity on and unity in vision. Are you and your core team clear on where God is leading your church in the next days, months and years? Do you all have the […]

Newsletter March 2023

Preparing For The Future Disciple Making Strategy Template One thing that won’t change in the future is the mission of the church. It’s always been, and always will be, making disciples of all nations. Jesus passed down that mandate to us himself, so nothing will change that. However, our strategy […]

Newsletter February 2023

Give Us The Tools Prayer Team Strategy Planting a church means engaging in a war against spiritual strongholds. That’s why no team you develop will be more important than your intercessory prayer team. There will be no partner more important, no project more significant than the army of prayer warriors […]

Newsletter January 2023

Looking Ahead What Are You Measuring in 2023? Goals are most effective when you have a way to track your progress towards them. This is true of individuals as well as churches. Think for a second what your measure as a church: Do you measure attendance? Do you measure giving? […]

Newsletter December 2022

Word Power What’s a Disciple? Every church has the same mission: Glorify God by making disciples. We may word if differently from church to church, but on the most basic level the mission of every church is to make disciples. If that is your mission as a church, wouldn’t it […]

Newsletter November 2022

What Your Engagement Pathway? Church Assimilation – 4 Essential Ingredients When a new person shows up at your church and is interested in connecting beyond Sunday morning, what clear next step do you offer them to take? Do you give them more than one option, or just one? Are the steps simple enough […]

Newsletter October 2022

Do We Need More Church Buildings? Reimagining Church Real Estate Many churches start gathering in homes following the example of the church in Acts. Talk to any church planter or read church planting books and most tell stories of how their church started with a handful of people meeting in […]

Why You Don’t Need A Building

In Acts 19:9-10 we’re told that Paul spent two years ministering in Ephesus. Staying in one city for multiple years was rare for Paul. Why did Paul stay there for so long? It’s probably because of the fruit he saw God producing through his ministry there. Acts 19:10 tells us […]

In The Middle of The Marketplace

In the early years of the church Christians were oftentimes considered atheists by their neighbors. That’s because Christians didn’t travel to a dedicated temple to worship their deity. Instead, they referred to themselves as the temple (1 Cor. 3:16; 6:19). They knew without a doubt that the church wasn’t a […]