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Newsletter — January 2018

Starting 2018 Strong Multiplication Strategy Leaders know that hope is not a strategy. You can’t wish something into existence. Yes, sometimes God blesses us when we don’t deserve it. Yes, sometimes he moves in spite of ourselves; but more often he works through the plans we develop in his name. […]

Newsletter — December 2017

Leadership Matters Leadership Development Excuses The holiday season is oftentimes a busy time of year for churches. Between outreach initiatives, Christmas productions, and Christmas Eve gatherings, many pastors feel like they’re sprinting the entire month of December. However, if you’ve found yourself thinking there’s not enough time in the day […]

Newsletter — November 2017

Resourcing Ministry Launch Vision Have you ever heard a church planter or pastor lament about their church’s “giving problem”? We have, but we don’t buy that excuse. In most cases their churches don’t have giving problems. They have vision problems. They lack a clear, compelling vision that communicates where God […]

Newsletter — October 2017

The Power of Multiplication Multiplication Assessment Philip Yancey once reflected on the grace of God and described the mathematics of the gospel as atrocious. Citing the parable of the vineyard workers in which every worker received the same wage even though they had worked varying lengths of time, Yancey exclaimed, […]

Newsletter — Sept 2017

The Fall Harvest Church Plant Budget Let’s face it, most church planters don’t have a degree in finance. Yet most will be responsible with determining how the church handles its finances. This can be a scary undertaking for many church planters. That’s why we’ve developed a Church Plant Budget Worksheet […]

Newsletter — Aug 2017

Basic Training The Value of Training In a recent Christianity Today article, Ed Stetzer articulated the benefits of church planter assessments and boot camps. In the article Ed explains his research that draws a correlation between training and healthy new churches. You can read his article here. Ed attributes the […]

Newsletter — July 2017

Preparing For Launch Re-Imagining Church A year ago, Tim Wolf signed enrolled in Passion for Planting’s church planting residency knowing he was called to plant a church, but not entirely certain where he was going to plant. A couple months into the residency program he felt God calling him to […]

Newsletter — June 2017

Integrated Church Planting System   Leadership Pipeline If you want to plant a healthy multiplying church, you will need a system that first helps you develop healthy multiplying leaders. Leadership experts oftentimes call this system a leadership pipeline. This pipeline defines the steps a potential leader should take to develop […]

Newsletter — May 2017

Church Planter Assessment Church Plant Equipment Thoughts My mom used to say, “Son, don’t be penny smart and dollar stupid.” Most church planters don’t have very deep pockets and are tempted to save a penny whenever they can. However, saving money on certain purchases will cost church planters in the […]

Newsletter — April 2017

See You At Exponential East! Church Planting Boot Camp Benjamin Franklin, one of the chief architects of our nation, once remarked, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” This principle holds true when starting a country, and it certainly holds true when starting a church. All too often church […]