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The New Atheists and how to serve them well

Photo by Capuski/iStock / Getty Images by Greg Curtis: If you are in community with young adults and are in a multi-generational church like I am, you have caught a whiff of the phenomena I am about to talk about. Maybe that exposure came from… A young leader in your […]


Some Thoughts on the Wave of Deconversions and The State of Preaching Today

by Carey Nieuwhof: It’s the hope of almost every preacher I’ve ever met that people will embrace Jesus. That’s been my hope every time I preach. And yet the opposite seems to be happening: more people than ever before seem to be walking away from Christ. It’s not that they […]


DLP #004: 5 Ways to Expand Your Leadership Capacity

DLP #004: 5 Ways to Expand Your Leadership Capacity .et_post_meta_wrapper by Brandon Cox: Every leader has a lid – the point to which we’ve grown so far. We choose to either live under the lid, or blow it off, create change, and take action to grow. When you do that […]