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How to Effectively Share Your Church Story to Investors [Pitch Deck]

By Russ Cantu: You spent $5000 and got nothing in return. You heard it somewhere —a coach, mentor, pier, start up bro— that you needed a pitch deck. You were told to hire a designer, run a high quality print of their developed deck, and distribute it to prospective investors. […]


Lessons From Casting Vision & Pushing Forward During the Pandemic with Drew Sherman

By unSeminary: Thanks for joining us for this week’s unSeminary podcast. Today we’re talking with Drew Sherman, lead pastor of Compass Christian Church in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Compass has four physical locations as well as an online campus and is one of the fastest growing churches in the country. […]


Cast Vision Effectively

Home > Blog > Cast Vision Effectively Cast Vision Effectively By New Churches Team Seeing Clearly The word vision is commonly associated with eyesight. When I think about vision, I picture myself in the eye doctor’s office, covering one eye with a plastic spoon and calling out small lines of […]