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What Can You Control?

Home > Blog > What Can You Control? What Can You Control? By Michael Kelley The Bible tells us the truth. It tells us the truth about God, about the nature of the world, and – perhaps most uncomfortably – about ourselves. We might, in fact, think of the Bible […]

4 Benefits of Making Tough Decisions

By Shawn Lovejoy: Almost every family has at some point been paralyzed by a decision as simple as which restaurant to eat at? Ever been there? At some point, even the most trivial decision can slow us up, yet the impact is often minimal. However, as leaders, there are times […]


5 Keys To Sorting Through The Crazy and Conflicting Opinions You Hear As A Leader

by Carey Nieuwhof: One of the most challenging tasks of leadership involves sorting through seemingly endless opinions you hear almost every day about pretty much everything. Some of the opinions are crazy. Even the ones that aren’t are conflicting. Think about it: Your inbox is filled with polite and not-very-polite suggestions […]