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6 Ways Pastors Struggle

Home > Blog > 6 Ways Pastors Struggle 6 Ways Pastors Struggle By Ed Stetzer When pastors go into ministry, we don’t leave behind all of the struggles that define the human reality in which we live. Like others, we struggle with any number of things each day—interpersonal relationships, our […]

The Discipline of Celebration

By: Courage to Lead I have a confession.  I am a recovering perfectionist. By nature things are rarely ever “good enough.” I did say I am recovering. I have grown tremendously in this area.  These days I am able to embrace and enjoy the journey more because I have learned […]


When Depression is Demonic

When Depression is Demonic .et_post_meta_wrapper by Brandon Cox: As I’ve said in many other places, I’m a huge believer that Christians should approach the subject of depression and mental health holistically. That is, we must consider the medical, spiritual, physical, psychological, and emotional angles. We should see counselors, talk to […]


When the Godly Get Depressed

When the Godly Get Depressed .et_post_meta_wrapper by Brandon Cox: A couple of days ago, I shared this tweet: Good people get depressed. Godly people get depressed. Depression isn’t sin. It’s a state. Sometimes it’s circumstantial. Sometimes it’s spiritual. Sometimes it’s chemical. Treat it holistically. Pray. Get counseling. Talk to your […]


Can a Pastor Who Struggles with Depression Remain a Pastor?

Can a Pastor Who Struggles with Depression Remain a Pastor? .et_post_meta_wrapper by Brandon Cox: Charles Spurgeon is considered by most modern evangelicals to be one of the greatest preachers and pastors since the Reformation. But did you know that Spurgeon struggled with depression? To the point of contemplating suicide? He […]


Mental Health and Our Pastors: The Elephant in the Room

by Ron Edmondson: We were all stunned by the death of Lead Pastor Andrew Stoecklein from California. Pastor Stocklein’s wife wrote an incredible tribute to her husband on her blog and I posted it to my personal Facebook page. The response was overwhelming. I was encouraged by the compassion people shared. […]


Leadership And Suicide: When Ending It Seems Like the Only Way Out

by Carey Nieuwhof: It’s so hard to write a post like this. Hard because it’s something that has impacted so many people and it’s so close to so many of our hearts. As many of you have likely heard, last week Andrew Stoecklein, the pastor of Inland Hills Church, took […]


Depression, Suicide, and the Pastor.

by Peyton Jones: This week Peyton Jones and Pete Mitchell sit down to talk about another very serious topic…Depression, Suicide, and the Pastor. To get straight to listening click here and to download in iTunes click here. We know this can be an extremely sensitive topic but we feel that it’s one that needs […]


The Best Leaders Are Broken Leaders

.et_post_meta_wrapper by Brandon A. Cox: I am broken. I lead a community of broken people called a church. And we often say, unapologetically, that we are a community of the broken who have good news for the broken. Don’t misunderstand. I don’t mean that we’re “broken” in the sense that we’re rendered useless […]