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Oh Be Careful Little Hands

By Stan Rodda: When I was a kid in Sunday school, we sang a song that went like this… Oh be careful little hands what you do. Oh be careful little hands what you do. For the Father up above is looking down in love. So be careful little hands […]


The Great Adventure

Following Jesus By Craig Etheredge: Jesus gave the same invitation to everyone. It was simple, direct, and called for a decision. It could be accepted or denied, but not ignored. The invitation was simply, “Follow me.” More than twenty-four times in the Gospels, Jesus invited people to follow Him. He […]


Letter to “Almost Disciple Makers”

By Justin Gravitt: Hey, I’m trying to write more letters and God brought you to mind. First, I just want to say that your passion for God is obvious. You take the time to study and apply the Scriptures. Your heart for Jesus is clear. There’s no doubt that He’s […]

4 Imperatives to Help Reach Multiplication

Stan Rodda: Recently I asked disciple makers on Instagram what their #1 struggle in disciple making was. I wanted to know what people on the front lines are wrestling with when it comes to making disciples. One of the first responses I got was about getting to 4th generation disciples. […]

When Obedience Is As Simple As Eating A Meal

by Stan Rodda: When it comes to obedience in disciple making, it’s in our nature to overcomplicate the topic. Partly because it’s simpler to stay in our comfort zone and make excuses for why making disciples isn’t for us. I don’t know enough. I didn’t pay attention in Sunday school. […]


2nd Main Stage Session Recap: Surrendering to Obedience-Based Disciple Making

by discipleship.org: In our second main stage session, we focused on what it means to follow King Jesus in obedience. Here are the five things we noted from the 2nd main stage speaker sessions: 1.  North American’s Have a Problem with Obedience. We value freedom as a culture, and we […]


The Appetite of a Disciple Maker

Justin Gravitt: What would Jesus eat if He joined your feast this year? Picture it with me, Jesus sits down at the table with your family. In the middle of the table sits a plump golden-brown turkey surrounded by green beans, mashed potatoes, crescent rolls, cranberry sauce, corn casserole, sweet […]


How Do You Know When You’ve Made a Disciple?

Justin Gravitt: How do you know when you’ve made a disciple? It’s an important question, after all Jesus’ last words were for us make disciples as we go. It wasn’t a new mission, but rather one that He’d invited his disciples into very early in His ministry (Matthew 4:19). The […]


Pastor, Are You Making Disciples?

by Impact Discipleship Ministries: Here is one question every pastor ought to ask: “Who are you discipling?” If the mission of the Church is to make disciples, then every pastor ought to be making them. Every pastor ought to be personally engaged in the mission of making disciples. Why are […]


3 Traits of a Good Disciple Maker

By Impact Discipleship Ministries: Not all disciple makers are created equal. Each have different giftings and skill sets. Giftedness and ability are not always things you can control, but there are some things every leader can work towards. In 2 Timothy 2:3-8, Paul gives Timothy three descriptions of traits that […]