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Discipleship vs. Disciple Making

by Bobby Harrington: Discipleship-first friends, One of the things we champion at Discipleship.org is an emphasis on disciple making. We value the use of the expression “discipleship”—enough to name our whole ministry after it!—but we also appreciate the clarity that comes from a focus on disciple-making. With permission, I am republishing a […]


Dealing with Disappointment in Disciple Making

by Craig Etheredge: As you invest your life in people, some will disappoint you. There will be people you poured yourlife into who never really take hold of Jesus and follow Him completely. There will be some that start strong but fall away. Others will oppose you and resist any […]


The Difference Between Coaching and Disciple Making

by Justin Gravitt: You know what a coach is. You’ve seen them on TV. You’ve heard them interviewed at post-game press conferences. They break down their team’s performance, explain in-game decisions, and look ahead to the next game. Coaches lead. They build strategy, direct the execution of strategy, adjust strategy, […]


The Three Distinctive Roles of the Discipleship Process

by Jim Putman: Recently I sent out an email to my readers asking them to share their number one problem when it comes to making disciples. I received many, many emails. A number of different themes came up as I read through them. One thing that particularly stood out to me was the […]


A Discipleship Process to Help You Make Disciples

by Bobby Harrington: Discipleship.org pulled together top national disciple making leaders to map out a common disciple making process for churches and church leaders to use. The model we developed shows people moving from conversion, where a person starts as a spiritual infant, and then on up through becoming a spiritual […]