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29% of Pastors Want to Quit: How to Keep Going When You’ve Lost Confidence In Yourself.

By Carey Nieuwhof: So many leaders have lost confidence in themselves over the last year or two. Sound familiar? It’s deeply understandable. Things are changing so quickly and remain so unpredictable that almost everything that used to be effective isn’t, and just when you think you might get it figured […]

Signs of a Distracted Leader

By Shawn Lovejoy: Focus is powerful. Leaders who are thriving during this current season of uncertainty keep the best of their energy and attention leveraged in the same direction. There are few limits to what relentlessly focused leaders and teams can accomplish. The opposite is also true… Distracted leaders and […]


When You’re Completely Spent and Have Nothing to Show For it All

When You’re Completely Spent and Have Nothing to Show For it All .et_post_meta_wrapper by Brandon Cox: When my wife and I were first married, we lived in Beebe, Arkansas where I served as pastor of a small church and we commuted several days per week to Conway, an hour away, […]

How To Stop Wasting Your Time

by Shawn Lovejoy: Everyone is busy. The temptation is to think that just because we’re very busy, that we’re being effective, or productive. Let me be clear: Busy or not, if you are not being productive…you are wasting your time! I am more convinced than ever before, that we can […]


Rhythm and Rest

by Healthy Growing Churches: Imagine for a moment it is a few days after Labor Day later this year. Your laptop is fired up while some really good music plays in the background. You are sipping a warm cup of great coffee in the middle of a very busy week. […]