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How to Support Your Spouse Experiencing Anxiety

By Kandi Gallaty: I will never forget that night at the mall. My husband, Robby, and I had just finished dinner and were headed shopping to look for jeans. He came out of the dressing room and said he wasn’t feeling well. He was light-headed, pale, and didn’t feel right. […]

4 Reasons Leaders Need Rest

by Shawn Lovejoy: We are not wired to function without rest. Take a moment and personalize that. YOU are not wired to function without rest. This is true on a base human level, but it is a good lesson for leaders as well. “Burning the midnight oil” is a great […]


Why Leadership Is So Exhausting—And What to Do About It

by Carey Nieuwhof: You’re probably feeling a little tired. And if that’s the case, you’re not alone. Exhaustion, anxiety and stress seems to be a growing problem in leadership. Recently, a planned sabbatical made headlines when mega-church pastor Howard-John Wesley stood before 4500 worshippers in early December and told them he was tired […]