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A Surprisingly Accurate Way to See If Your Church or Organization Will Flounder After the Pandemic

By Carey Nieuwhof: So, any idea whether your church or business grow after the pandemic? Will things spring back to pre-COVID levels? Or will you struggle for years to come? With so much still up in the air, you might think that question is unanswerable. Well, yes and no. To […]


The New Scarcity: Why Content Alone Won’t Generate Future Growth For Your Church Or Organization

By Carey Nieuwhof: For years, the key to growth for many churches and other organizations (think media, conferences etc) has been to create great content. In the case of a church, great preaching often (not always, but often) has been synonymous with growth. In the case of conferences, media and […]

PODCAST 105: Savannah Kimberlin & Barna’s "6 Questions about the Future of the Hybrid Church"

By TheChurch.Digital: As church leaders in the midst of this COVID season, there are certainly questions on this whole Digital Church thing. Is this effective? Is it working? Chances are your church leadership thinks they have an idea of what’s happening. There are even “experts” like me to tell you […]


In-Person Church Attendance Is Here To Stay (But 5 Ways It’s Changing In the Future)

By Carey Nieuwhof: As things continue to change and the crisis we’re in drags on, you’re probably asking what’s going to happen to physical church attendance in the future. That’s a really important question. The good news is that as long as there are people, people will gather. The need […]


7 Weird Lies About Online Church Pastors Need To Stop Believing

by Carey Nieuwhof: You’ve had so much change thrown at you this year, it’s hard to know what to do. Especially about church online. As more and more churches re-gather, it will be easier than ever to look at church online as something you had to do to survive, or […]


New Exodus? 4 Reasons So Many People (Including Christians) Have Suddenly Left the Church

By Carey Nieuwhof: You’ve probably noticed. Leading a church is more confusing, frustrating and complex than ever. In this post, I’ll share some surprising data that shows why it feels that much harder, and some observations and suggestions that I hope can help point you in a more promising direction. […]