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Connecting the Dots of Church Culture

By Justin Gravitt: Understanding your church’s culture is like doing a connect the dot worksheet, but with no dots and no lines. Instead, just information scattered on the page. The challenge is to sort out the important information from the noise that seeks to hide it. Lack of clarity isn’t […]


Leadership Development: Leading Your Team Well

by Healthy Growing Churches: In our first post this month on Leadership Development, we talked about how everything rises and falls on leadership. There’s much as stake in us getting this right. We then talked about how to lead ourselves well by keeping Christ as the First Thing. And then […]


Some Thoughts On Why MegaChurch Pastors Keep Falling

Carey Nieuwhof: So this isn’t an easy post to write, nor a glib one. I’m not even sure what I’m about to write is accurate. But once again last week, we heard of yet another mega-church pastor who isn’t in leadership anymore, this one fired by his church because of […]