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A challenge from the Christmas story and a tip on video for connecting well with your holiday guests

by Greg Curtis: I just realized…this is my last post of the decade. It got me thinking: What do I want to close the 2000 teens with as we move into the 3rd decade of the 21st century together? Over that last few years I have been attempting to consistently […]

How a Type 5 on the Enneagram experiences your church and how to connect them

by Greg Curtis: When we had our third child, she was unexpected. We had undergone medical procedures to insure we would not have more children. Then came Carly. I often joked that because she was our third, we were lucky to have photos of her. In fact, when I brought […]

How a Type 2 on the Enneagram experiences your church and how to connect them

By Greg Curtis: Nathan was a high schooler when I first met him in Next Steps. He was such a great guy, easy to talk with and helpful beyond belief. I began to think that his helpfulness came from the fact that he grew up as the oldest of 8 […]


CNLP 263: Horst Schulze with Lessons From the Ritz-Carlton on Coaching the Best From a Team When You Can’t Pay Top Wages, What Guests Really Want, How to Satisfy a Customer and What To Do With Customer Complaints

by Carey Nieuwhof: At age 14, Horst Schulze left home to start in the hotel industry in Germany. What he learned there introduced true luxury to America. In this wide-ranging and candid interview, Horst talks about what customers really want, how to build a world class team with lower wage […]


Hospitable Leadership at Your Church with Terry A. Smith

by Rich Birch: Today we’re talking leadership and Biblical hospitality with Jersey’s own Terry A. Smith. God has done some incredible things in Terry’s church over the years. Terry A. Smith is the Lead Pastor of The Life Christian Church (TLCC) in West Orange and Paramus, New Jersey. Over the past […]