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One Way to Destroy a Discipleship Relationship

By Joanne Kraft: As a new Christian, I didn’t know how to read my Bible or how to grow in my faith. Nor, did I really even know how to keep a house, and I certainly didn’t know how to love my husband and my children the way God wanted […]


5 Keys To A Great Apology, And Why Leaders Need To Apologize First

by Carey Nieuwhof: You probably have a love/hate relationship with apologies. You appreciate it deeply when others apologize to you. But you find it difficult to apologize to others. And let me guess, when you do apologize, you’re tempted to explain, justify or defend your actions. Which is not really […]


5 Surprising Characteristics That Separate Great Leaders From Other Leaders

by Carey Nieuwhof: Naturally you want to be a better leader. Intention, of course, won’t get you there. If only it was that easy. So how do you improve? One of the ways is you can look at the habits and characteristics of great leaders, and compare and contrast them […]