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What Is Discipleship?

by Joanne Kraft: “Discipleship” Have you heard this word buzzing around lately? Do you know someone who’s in a discipleship relationship? If so, you’ve more than likely nodded your head up and down as your girlfriend droned on and on about what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. […]


The Perfect Lie of Discipleship

By Joanne Kraft: Congratulations! You want to disciple someone. There is no greater ministry work than helping another to trust and follow Jesus. If you read Titus 2, you’ll discover all the ways you can teach another woman to love the Lord. Assisting the Lord to grow another woman in […]


The One Thing that Keeps Discipling Relationships from Dying

by Joanne Kraft: As a new Christian, I didn’t know how to read my Bible or how to grow in my faith. Nor, did I really even know how to keep a house, and I certainly didn’t know how to love my husband and my children the way God wanted […]