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Trends of Kids Ministry

By Daniel Im: Like anything in life, trends come and go. Fads become popular and soon pass. Kids ministry is not immune to popular trends. Media-driven ministry is popular one day and group ministry is popular the next. Fortunately, there is one ministry that started as a trend but is here […]


Framework for Kids Ministry

By Daniel Im: Q&A Webinars are a monthly segment designed for Plus Members to hear from leading experts in church planting, multisite, and multiplication. For this month’s segment, Ed and I talk with Brian Dembowzyk, the Managing Editor of The Gospel Project and author of Gospel-Centered Kids Ministry. Thriving Parents = […]


Church Planting with Kids

By Stephanie McGraw: If you’re a parent and ministry worker, you know how hard it can be to juggle the responsibilities of family and church. On one hand, you have your church family who looks to you for spiritual guidance and wisdom, and on the other, you have your family at […]