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Grow Your Passion with Derwin Gray

By Shawn Lovejoy: Passion is central to being a courageous leader. Derwin Gray, former NFL football player, founding and lead pastor of Transformation Church, and today’s guest, believes the process of growing our passion lies in our motives. In this episode of The CourageToLead Podcast with Shawn Lovejoy, Derwin shares […]

How To Create a Culture of Honesty on Your Team

By Shawn Lovejoy: On every team I have ever led, we have sought to maintain the “The Last Ten Percent Rule.” The Last Ten Percent Rule states that most people say ninety percent of what they are thinking, but they hold back that last ten percent out of fear of […]

Thriving in Crisis

by Shawn Lovejoy: There’s a great opportunity for leaders right now. Opportunity to not only survive…and hang on… …but to thrive. Leaders who seize the opportunities a crisis presents will: Separate themselves from the competition with a different message of good news Discover new innovations only times of scarcity can […]


5 Things Leaders Need to Give Up

By Ed Stetzer: There’s a great saying that good leaders don’t see people as impediments—they seek to make people partners. But to implement this approach to leadership in daily life, we need to realize that partnering with people means sacrificing for them. Drawing from Brad Waggoner, author and executive vice president […]