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4 Types Of Thinking That Will Sabatage Your Leadership

By Carey Nieuwhof: Chances are a big chunk of what you’re going to do today in leadership is think. Really, thinking is a big slice of what any leader is paid to do. You try to solve problems, analyze opportunities, listen, facilitate and chart paths. And this last year has […]


Leadership Development in Your Church

Home > Blog > Leadership Development in Your Church Leadership Development in Your Church By New Churches Team Everyone is doing leadership development in some fashion. We approach development in the way we have been developed. Some people are doing an apprenticeship model. Some are using a classroom model. Whatever […]


3 Keys to Raising Women Leaders in the Church

Home > Blog > 3 Keys to Raising Women Leaders in the Church 3 Keys to Raising Women Leaders in the Church By Ed Stetzer Raising up women leaders should matter to all of us, but it requires an oft-lacking intentionality. Women make up more than half the church, and […]


Building Vision and Culture

Home > Blog > Building Vision and Culture August 19, 2020 Building Vision and Culture By New Churches Team “Vision and culture are the things that build capacity and cause us to achieve the things that God has put in our hearts to do,” explains Chris Railey, lead pastor of […]


Episode 501: Thriving in Leadership

By: New Churches In Episode 501 of the NewChurches Q&A Podcast, Daniel and Ed discuss what thriving looks like and the importance of spiritual and emotional health. In This Episode, You’ll Discover: How church leaders are seen as second and third respondersWhy creating sabbath rhythms are important  Shareable Quotes (#NewChurches): […]


A Healthy Team Ratio

Home > Blog > A Healthy Team Ratio A Healthy Team Ratio By New Churches Team Throughout your church there are a variety of teams. Primarily you have a pastor to staff, but you might also have any combination of staff to volunteers, leaders to coaches, ministry directors to coaches, […]


Insights into Thriving Relationships Between Elders & Senior Church Leaders with Ben Cachiaras

by unSeminary: Thanks for joining us for this week’s unSeminary podcast. This week we’re talking with Ben Cachiaras, lead pastor of Mountain Christian Church. Mountain Christian Church was founded back in 1824 and currently has four campuses in Maryland. Ben is with us today to talk about how to foster […]


Episode 466: How to Develop a Plan for Leadership in Your Church for 2020

by NewChurches.com: In Episode 466 of the NewChurches Q&A Podcast, Daniel and Todd discuss developing plans for leadership in your church. In This Episode, You’ll Discover: Why a leadership pipeline is helpful How to provide effective training to the entire church  Shareable Quotes (#NewChurches): “Whatever you are going to do, […]


The Leader’s Dilemma

Dan Reiland is the Executive Pastor at 12Stone Church in Lawrenceville, Georgia. He previously partnered with John Maxwell for 20 years, first as Executive Pastor at Skyline Wesleyan Church in San Diego, then as Vice President of Leadership and Church Development at INJOY. Dan is one of many outstanding mentors for our Leader Groups – leadership collaboratives […]