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Episode 597: New, Creative, and Imaginative Ways to Plant Churches, part 1

By NewChurches.com: In Episode 597 of the NewChurches Q&A Podcast, Daniel and Ed explore new, creative, and imaginative ways to handle issues surrounding church planting. “What are some new, creative, and imaginative ways denominations and networks are planting churches?” In This Episode, You’ll Discover: Different ways church planters are creating […]

PODCAST 119: Phygital Groups that Multiply

By TheChurch.Digital: Pre-COVID, very few churches were doing groups online. Now as a result of social distancing, churches had to onboard their groups very quickly to digital methods. Interestingly though, as we’re coming out of the COVID and getting back to the building, some churches report up to 90% of […]


How to Launch 300 locations in a single day. What MrBeast, YouTube, Ghost Kitchens can teach your church

This is a post written by Rich Birch. Rich is the founder of Unseminary and is a member of my Speaking Team. You can book Rich to consult with your team or speak at your next event here. By Rich Birch If you’re not familiar with YouTube culture, you might not have heard of MrBeast. […]


How Do We Multiply Disciples?

By Ken Adams: I remember many years ago learning my multiplication tables. You probably do as well. I started with 1 x 1 and then continued to recite them all the way to 12 x 12. The repetition drove those tables into my mind in such a way that I […]


Episode 554: A 2021 Vision for Multiplication

By NewChurches.com: In Episode 554 of the NewChurches Q&A Podcast, Daniel and Todd discuss how the church should multiply in the midst of a culture continuing to grapple with COVID. In This Episode, You’ll Discover: Some of the challenges the church will continue to face in 2021 How you grow […]


Why Do We Need Discipleship Multiplication?

By Ken Adams: For most of us, if we don’t have a good reason for why we need to do something that will be challenging, we probably won’t do it. Knowing why is essential in most any endeavor, but especially when it comes to multiplying disciples. If we knew and […]


What Are Micro Churches?

Home > Blog > What Are Micro Churches? October 21, 2020 What Are Micro Churches? By New Churches Team The Idea of Micro Church Ralph Moore is an author, speaker, and serial church planter. In 1966, When he was 19 and a student in a Bible, he decided to read […]

4 Imperatives to Help Reach Multiplication

Stan Rodda: Recently I asked disciple makers on Instagram what their #1 struggle in disciple making was. I wanted to know what people on the front lines are wrestling with when it comes to making disciples. One of the first responses I got was about getting to 4th generation disciples. […]


How Do You Create a Culture of Sending

Home > Blog > How Do You Create a Culture of Sending How Do You Create a Culture of Sending By New Churches Team Every church starts as a church plant. And often they start with a lot of missional energy that gets lost over time. Sometimes many years go […]


Plan A

by Healthy Growing Churches: Each generation that has ever lived believed that they were living in the most interesting and challenging time in history. The questions they had to answer were more significant than the previous generations, and the barriers to greater humanity were more overwhelming than any other age […]