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How the Crisis Probably Killed Your Vision (And How To Get It Back)

By Carey Nieuwhof: How’s your vision casting lately? I noticed something recently that surprised and disappointed me: Without realizing it, a few months ago, I stopped casting vision for my team. Which is really strange, because I’m a visionary, that’s what I do. And I’ve been leading with vision for decades. But […]


The Moment We’re In and the Mission We’re On

Home > Blog > The Moment We’re In and the Mission We’re On The Moment We’re In and the Mission We’re On By Ed Stetzer In Part 1 we looked at the different categories of people in terms of their views of the pandemic and how to communicate with them. […]


A Pandemic-Proof Plan for 2021

By Dylan Young: Last March, this Kentucky fan could not believe his eyes when he saw the headlines that the SEC and NCAA basketball tournaments were canceled because of some sickness called the Coronavirus. My dreams of watching the Wildcats go on another Final Four run were gone just like that. I honestly […]


A Surprisingly Accurate Way to See If Your Church or Organization Will Flounder After the Pandemic

By Carey Nieuwhof: So, any idea whether your church or business grow after the pandemic? Will things spring back to pre-COVID levels? Or will you struggle for years to come? With so much still up in the air, you might think that question is unanswerable. Well, yes and no. To […]


Lessons From Casting Vision & Pushing Forward During the Pandemic with Drew Sherman

By unSeminary: Thanks for joining us for this week’s unSeminary podcast. Today we’re talking with Drew Sherman, lead pastor of Compass Christian Church in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Compass has four physical locations as well as an online campus and is one of the fastest growing churches in the country. […]

Next Steps You Can Take During this Pandemic

By: New Life Christian Church It has been almost 5 months since this pandemic has impacted and altered our way of life in so many ways. That is almost half a year! And, by the look of it, this pandemic will continue to impact us for many more months to […]


Time Management Matters in a Pandemic More Than Ever

By: Brandon A. Cox Time Management Matters in a Pandemic More Than Ever .et_post_meta_wrapper As I write this, we’re preparing for our 17th Sunday of NOT meeting together for a weekend worship service. Most of our people understand and appreciate the caution. A few are trying to understand and be […]


Prayer During a Pandemic – Part One

Home > Blog > Prayer During a Pandemic – Part One Prayer During a Pandemic – Part One By Ed Stetzer A global pandemic calls God’s church to prayer. On Sunday, March 15, a National Day of Prayer was held regarding the ongoing pandemic that we currently face in our […]