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The New Scarcity: Why Content Alone Won’t Generate Future Growth For Your Church Or Organization

By Carey Nieuwhof: For years, the key to growth for many churches and other organizations (think media, conferences etc) has been to create great content. In the case of a church, great preaching often (not always, but often) has been synonymous with growth. In the case of conferences, media and […]


Sermon 2.0: The Future of the Preaching and Reaching The Unchurched

by Carey Nieuwhof: In a world where everything’s changing, how should the church change to reach more (not fewer) people? The struggle you have is the likely the struggle most church leaders have: reaching new people seems to be getting harder and harder every year. What if it didn’t have to […]


Barriers To Multiplication

By Daniel Im: In every story and aspect of life, there always seem to be opposing forces. On our planet, you have night and day. In Romeo and Juliet, you have the Capulets and the Montagues. In Star Wars, you have the Rebellion and the Empire. In Marvel, you have the […]