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Are You Too Busy for a Family Devotion?

Stewarding Our Time By Wil Moore: I was recently having coffee with a dad who has 3 incredible kids. One is in college pursuing a communications degree, one is about to graduate, and the other is a junior. Two of the three are incredibly gifted athletes. One will soon play […]


Essentials of Discipleship Groups: Reproduction and Commitment

by Dylan Young: My grandmother used to make a seriously delicious barbecue sauce. It has been used in many meals for years and years in the Young household. Everyone in the family loves that sauce and Praise the Lord my dad made sure he got the recipe from her before […]


How High Capacity Church Leaders Start Their Mornings with Carey Nieuwhof, Jenni Catron, Dan Reiland & Kadi Cole

by unSeminary: How do you start your morning as a church leader? What happens in the first hour of your day that sets up where the rest of your day goes? Have you ever wondered how highly effective ministry leaders begin their mornings? Today on the unSeminary podcast we dive […]


Leadership Development: The First Thing

by Leadership Network: As you journey into developing as a leader, you will find so many great resources. From podcasts to books to conferences and beyond, there are tons of materials out there, many of which we recommend and use ourselves. With all of those tools right at our fingertips, […]


Principles of Spiritual Growth: The Three Catalysts God Uses to Grow Us

by Tim Lafleur: In his book Spiritual Disciplines For The Christian Life, Donald Whitney says that God uses three primary catalysts to grow us: People Circumstances (especially adversity) The Spiritual Disciplines The first two catalysts can help to change us from the outside in; but the spiritual disciplines work to change […]