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Great Leaders Live the Mission

by Ken Adams: What would you think if I led a discipleship group and encouraged group members to memorize Scripture, but I never memorized Scripture myself? How would you feel if I told group members to read and study their Bibles but didn’t even crack my Bible open week after […]


7 Reasons Your Church Should Merge With Another Church in 2020

By: UnSeminary In this season, many churches have been stalled by their plateaued or declining attendance, while other congregations are thriving and making an impact. 94% of all churches in the country are losing ground against the communities they serve. That means that if this trend continues, the message of […]

Pruned to Grow During This Season

Let’s offer ourselves up to be pruned and be amazed at the fruit the Vine produces. by The Church.Digital: For as long as I can remember, I have had very vivid dreams. Some are so out there that when I wake up, it’s easy to remember they weren’t real (case […]