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7 Things That Vanished in 2020 That Make Leadership That Much Harder

By Carey Nieuwhof: Your head likely hasn’t stopped spinning in 2020. Same. Maybe on one or more occasions you’ve done what I’ve been tempted to do as well: bury your head in the sand because it’s just so discouraging to see what’s actually happening. As much as it’s healthy to […]


Great Leaders Protect the Mission

by Ken Adams: All teams succeed when they are unified. That is true of an athletic team, a business team, or a disciple making team. Can you imagine a professional or collegiate football team trying to win a championship if the quarterback is doing his own thing regardless of what […]


How to Lead a Church That Can’t Agree on Anything Right Now

by Carey Nieuwhof: This is probably one of the hardest seasons you’ve ever led through. One of the things that’s making this season particular challenging is that, regardless of ideology, theology or viewpoint, we are more divided and adamant than ever. People don’t agree on masks, social distancing, schooling, reopening […]