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Why Your Time Off Will Never Be Enough to Truly DeStress You

By: Carey Nieuwhof Let me guess. You feel like you really need to de-stress. 2020 has been unreal, and almost unbelievably trying—far different than any year you’ve led through before. Every leader I talk to is tired. Well, more than just tired. Stressed. Deeply stressed. And kind of exhausted. There’s […]


Rhythm and Rest

by Healthy Growing Churches: Imagine for a moment it is a few days after Labor Day later this year. Your laptop is fired up while some really good music plays in the background. You are sipping a warm cup of great coffee in the middle of a very busy week. […]


End Well. Start Better.

by Tom Planck: Our calendars recently changed to the final month of 2018. If your fall ministry season has been anything like mine, you have likely been surprised by how quickly December arrived. You are now probably scrambling to get everything that needs to be accomplished checked off your task […]