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Principles of Portability – #4 System Reproducibility

.et_post_meta_wrapper By Portable Church Industries: Reproducibility! This is a big deal and likely the most important principle to know… There may be many reasons you are going to be a portable church. You might be a new church plant, a new campus, selling your building because you outgrew it or […]


What I Learned as Multisite Campus Pastor

Home > Blog > What I Learned as Multisite Campus Pastor What I Learned as Multisite Campus Pastor By Bryan Rose 10 Learnings of a Multi-Site Mega-Church Campus Pastor.. In Twitter form. 1.    Everyone going finds a place to serve, or stays. Mission is contagious – so is consumption. 2.   […]


Episode 254: Relocating to a Different Venue

by NewChurches.com: Does the type of venue you meet in contribute to its growth? In Episode 254 of the NewChurches Q&A Podcast, Daniel and Todd discuss the best venues for portable churches to experience optimal growth. Here’s Kevin with today’s question: If a school or other building is better than most, […]