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10 Top Disciple Making Trends for 2019 (Part 1)


by Bobby Harrington: We champion discipleship-first people – those who see life through the lens of being disciples of Jesus who make disciples of Jesus. These people form our tribe. Discipleship.org exists to help the members of this tribe to be faithful and effective disciple makers.

Discipleship.org is like the “chamber of commerce” for disciple making – we aggregate and promote the leaders, organizations, speakers and writers who we consider partners. So as point-leader for Discipleship.org, I get a front row seat to watch and listen to the state of disciple making in our community. Recently over 1400 pastors and leaders from around the country joined over 20 networks/organizations at our third annual National Disciple Making Forum.

I have been prayerfully filtering through many conversations from this forum and our other gatherings and learnings from the past year.

Following is my annual summary of the encouraging trends that I am observing for 2019. The first five are wide-spread observations and the last five are trends we want to explicitly encourage.

Source: 10 Top Disciple Making Trends for 2019 (Part 1)