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Best Practices in Church Planting Systems


By Daniel Im: The purpose of this research project and its eBook, Best Practices in Church Planting Systems with Particular Attention to Church Planting Churches isn’t to downplay the need for entrepreneurial church planters.

We need more of them.

But this research follows an emerging trend in church planting that is rightly reemphasizing how churches plant churches and the need to reorient some of our systems and processes around this fundamental idea.

Here is the research question that led our investigation:

Are we seeing the shift from addition to multiplication reflected in church planting systems and structures?

What’s presented in this report is both qualitative and quantitative data of what denominations and church planting networks are doing in their church planting systems to promote and equip churches that plant other churches.

Our hope is that through the findings of this report, you are both encouraged and challenged as a church planting leader to design your organizational processes to not only focus on recruiting and training church planters, but also to scale your systems and adjust your scorecards around the idea of church planting churches, which we believe is an accurate indicator of multiplication within your network!


  • Chapter 1: What Mission Structures Reveal About Our Assumptions
  • Chapter 2: Church Planting Systems
  • Chapter 3: Benchmarking Data
  • Chapter 4: Three Basic Findings
  • Chapter 5: Eight Best Practices
  • Chapter 6: Evolving Systems Intentionally Toward Multiplication
  • Chapter 7: Eight Model Church Planting Churches

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Source: Best Practices in Church Planting Systems