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3 Online Ideas for Connecting in Your Community

by Patrick Bradley: Planting a church is about building relationships, and many friendships start online these days. Here are 3 online ideas for connecting in your community. So many of us are living in ever-growing metros and densely-populated areas, and yet we seem to have never felt so isolated and […]


Church Planting and Disciple Making

by Todd Wilson: Exponential is leading a track called “Church Planting and Disciple Making,” which focuses on the connections between church planting and discipleship. Have you ever made something harder than it needed to be? We all have the tendency to focus on the complexities instead of the simple questions […]


4 Myths that Keep College Students from Joining a Church

by Jim Davis: It’s more than a month into the semester and some first-year college students are narrowing down their church search. If that’s you, you’re in a small minority of college students, so well done! Most church-going college students never join a church during their time away, electing either […]


6 Mistakes I Made as a Church Planter

By Mark Dance: One of the greatest joys of my ministry was planting a church in northeast Tennessee in 1991. I made several mistakes, which hopefully you can learn from the easy way, through my pain, not yours. These are not the only mistakes I made in the ten years I […]


Strong Leaders Mine “Crisis” Moments

by Ralph Moore: Leadership is a funny thing. Often it requires little more than looking at a situation from a different angle. Good leaders do this well. When dealing with “crisis” moments we can either let them beat us up, or we can mine them for the gems hidden within. Leaders […]


How to Identify People to Disciple (1 of 3)

by Craig Etheredge: A disciple of Jesus is like a 3-D image. When you think of something being three-dimensional, it’s fully orbed and lifelike. Three-D images often appear on a movie screen, where characters seem to jump of the screen at you. Think also of how 3-D printers produce fully dimensional […]


Unhurriedness: A Cornerstone of Spiritual Life

by Brandon Cook: John Ortberg asked his mentor Dallas Willard what it would take to live the kind of life Dallas was always talking about—a life caught up in the goodness of God, a life lived from the kingdom of God, an abundant life of prayerful love. In short, the life […]


The End Product of Discipleship

by Craig Etheredge: Jesus’ commission was clear, “Go make disciples of all nations.” The key command—the divine imperative—is to make disciples. But what exactly is a disciple? The life of Vince Lombardi, who was arguably one of the greatest football coaches of all time, provides a great analogy for the […]


Transformation Must Go Through The Heart

by Monte Starkes: In the Bible, a person’s heart often refers to the whole inner person: their thoughts, feelings, desires, and choices. Jesus discipled his men at the heart level. He asked powerful questions, he confronted their motivations, and engaged them in the deepest areas of their hearts. Jesus is not […]


The Culture In The Middle

by Peyton Jones: The church planter called me up from Salt Lake City, Utah. He needed to talk about his culture. 99% of the nice side of town was affluent mormons, while the other side of the tracks was a shame based culture of failed mormons. He had been spinning his […]