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CNLP 197: Mark Clark and Carey Nieuwhof on How to Preach in a Way that Reaches Unchurched People and Maintains Biblical Integrity


by Carey Nieuwhof: Mark Clark and Carey talk about their different approaches to preaching, how to reach unchurched people and how to preach to churched and unchurched people with Biblical integrity.

Plus, Carey and Mark share some of their favourite insights from their brand new course, The Art of Better Preaching.

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3 Insights from This Episode

1. There is a difference between learning from great speakers and mimicking them

Influence from speakers and mentors is absolutely necessary to learn and grow, but you have to find your own voice. You can’t simply speak like the leaders you look up to and use their content. There’s a need for development and education, but once you find your own voice, make sure you aren’t depending on the gifts and talents of others to do your work.

Find ways to force yourself to get better by weaning off of your dependency of others. Imitation kills innovation and trying to be someone else does a disservice to who God called you to be.

2. Equipping the church for discipleship and speaking to the unchurched are equal priorities in sermon prep

Great speakers are totally a gift to the church, but people shouldn’t be bringing guests to church to hear from the PASTOR, they should be bringing them to share the message of the gospel with those who need to hear it. The goal is to equip believers for an evangelistic movement that will reach people outside the walls of a building, which is why you need discipleship and theological development in your preaching.

At the same time, preaching to the unchurched has to remain a top priority during sermon prep. To get inside the mind of the unchurched, simply get inside your own head. There are no churched and unchurched issues. Only people issues. We all struggle. None of us have it all together.

Speak to all people when offering the gospel of Christ. Keep going after who’s not there while filling believers with Biblical truths that grow their faith and drive to share the message of Christ.

3. Preaching without notes frees you to be more connected with your audience

Carey and Mark are in full agreement that speaking without notes is a must and they offer great advice on how to do it in their new course The Art of Better Preaching . Here are Carey’s top 4 reasons to leave the notes on your desk.

Authenticity – There’s already a built-in institutional bias for many people listening to your message and reading from notes doesn’t make you more believable in their eyes.
Eye Contact – Eye contact is relational and gives you a way to receive feedback from the audience.
Natural Posture – Being unscripted gives you more freedom to move on stage and connect.
No barriers – There are no barriers between you and the audience, because you aren’t bound to looking down at your notes.

Quotes from This Episode

Imitation kills innovation. – @cnieuwhofClick To Tweet

There aren’t churched and unchurched issues. There are people issues. – @cnieuwhofClick To Tweet

It’s a sin to make the Bible boring. – @markaclarkClick To Tweet

You can be an expository preacher and still be evangelistic. – @markaclarkClick To Tweet

It’s the equipping of the saints that’s actually going to reach our country. – @markaclarkClick To Tweet

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