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CNLP 270: Jenni Catron On How to Become a Good Public Speaker When You Never Planned To Become One, Pro Tips for Every Communicator, Why Communication Matters Even If You Never Give a Formal Talk


by Carey Nieuwhof: How do you become a sought-after public speaker when you never planned on becoming one? That’s a question Jenni Catron, who’s now a full time consultant and public speaker, had to figure out. She started at age 20 at a record label and soon discovered pitching to people much older than her was part of her job. Promoted quickly, Jenni eventually went on to become the Executive Pastor of two well known mega-churches where, again, she discovered that communicating well was a key to success.

In her latest incarnation, Jenni has become a full time consultant, writer and public speaker. Carey and Jenni share pro tips about what makes for a great talk and introduce something brand new: the Nieuwhof Speaking Team, a curated group of leadership experts and fresh voices that will help you make your next event a success.

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Introducing the Nieuwhof Speaking Team comprised of top leaders to bring dynamic insight, clarity and wisdom to your next gathering.

For years, Carey has spoken to leaders around the world about leadership, change and personal growth.  Today, we’re introducing a team of communicators who can bring just what you need to help your next event or conference be a complete success.

The Nieuwhof Speaking Team line up is:

Jenni Catron

Jeff Henderson

Rich Birch

Brad Lomenick

Toni Nieuwhof

Dillon Smith

Took learn more or book a speaking team member for your event, click here.

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3 Insights from Jenni

1. Leaders have the opportunity to offer the gift of belief

Leaders notice the talents that are hiding in the people around them and that insight, that belief, offers quite a gift. The gift of belief sees the potential in others and calls them out by finding opportunities for those people to grow (sometimes even before they’ve even been able to prove themselves worthy of the task). And the best part? The gift of belief can light a fire inside someone and completely change the trajectory of a career.

2. People don’t hear your bullet points until they connect with you

Connecting to an audience, large or small, is crucial to getting a message to stick, but often speakers focus more on content over connection when preparing a talk.

Don’t be so concerned about getting all the bullet points checked off your list. Instead, move that energy toward figuring out how you can connect with the people in the room, because that is what opens up the door to sharing your content and being heard.

3. Create a dwelling space in your talks

Great communicators never seem like they’re in a hurry. They posses a sense of pacing that seems to work effortlessly. But for most speakers, even the naturally gifted speakers, that approach is usually intentional, planned and practiced routinely.

As you’re preparing and writing out your talks, leave time for that space. Offering time for listeners to dwell or linger on the story or the concept you have to tell opens up a place for them to make a better connection with what you have to say.

Quotes from Episode 270

Wherever you’re communicating, you’re leading and leadership is influence…You have the power to change or affect the lives of the people sitting in that room. @jennicatronClick To Tweet

One of my mantras is to slow down to see people, because in everything I do I can just move too fast. @jennicatronClick To Tweet

Imitation kills innovation. Be careful, because you’re only able to innovate when you really live within the gifting, the framework, the personality that God has given you. @cnieuwhofClick To Tweet

My greatest fear in speaking is that I’m not going to have enough content to fill the time, but the reality is if you’re done early, there’s not a single person in the world who’s upset that you finished early. @cnieuwhofClick To Tweet

If leaders see somebody’s potential and call that out, that gift of belief will cause them to rise to the occasion. @jennicatronClick To Tweet

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