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CNLP 287: J.D. Greear and Todd Wilson on Why The Future Church Is a Multiplying Church, How to Overcome a Scarcity Mindset and How to Start Reproducing Leadership


by Carey Nieuwhof: For the first time ever, Outreach Magazine has produced a list of the Top 100 Reproducing Churches. Why? The future isn’t just in growth, it’s in multiplication if the church is going to thrive.

J.D. Greear, Lead Pastor of the Summit—a multiplying church— and President of the Southern Baptist Convention, and Todd Wilson, President and CEO of Exponential, talk about the five levels of churches, and why reproducing churches are the future. Fortunately, they also explain how even a plateaued or declining church can think about reproducing in a healthy way.

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J.D. Greear

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Todd Wilson

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The Church Multiplication Challenge | Outreach Magazine | Outreach 100

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3 Insights from J.D. & Todd

1. Multiplication needs to be a part of a church’s DNA from the beginning

A lot of churches get into this idea of, “Well, we’re not healthy enough to plant, we need to wait until we have 500 or 1000 people before we are ready to plant another church.” The problem with this is that once you go to that size, multiplication is not even part of your DNA anymore. A multiplication mindset takes a long time to build into a church’s DNA. If you can, build it in on day one.

So what do you do if your church is already groing and you want to become a multiplication focused church? For multiplication to truly become a part of your church’s DNA, it’s got to be a discussion you have early and often. If you want to become a multiplication church, start ingraining it into your key leaders today, and making small contributions to other church plants in your area.

2. Multiplication creates an abundance mentality and culture

As a pastor, one of the biggest enemies to your church’s multiplication will likely be your own desire to keep your best leaders at your original location. We need to fight this. When we are looking at the people we are losing we are feeding a scarcity mindset. This scarcity mindset will do more harm than good but will be masked as “good stewardship.”

A much more effective mindset to have is a multiplication mindset that says “we have been given much, so we will give much away”. A multiplication mindset trusts God to continue to provide the resources needed to accomplish what he has called you to accomplish. This mindset extends beyond just people, it also affects how you distribute resources like finances and staff time.

3. You don’t need to be a growing church to be multiplying

As Todd looks back at the church that he grew up in, he can count nearly 300 churches that have been planted from that church. Want to know the shocking part? That original church had less than 150 members. Todd uses this as evidence to show that you don’t need to be a massive, growing megachurch to be a multiplying church.

The mindset that a small church needs to have if they want to be multiplying is a mindset that is more focused on who they are sending out to reach new communities rather than what they are building or accumulating. There is a wave of small churches doing this. Maybe your church needs to join them.

Quotes from Episode 287

Fame is making yourself accessible to a bunch of people you don’t really care about, at the expense of those few that you do. @jdgreearClick To Tweet

Church planters are like teenagers, all they want is your money, and your affirmation, and then for you to leave them alone. @jdgreearClick To Tweet

If you can get 16% of the population behaving a certain way, it becomes the new normal. @toddwilsonClick To Tweet

Programs consume resources. They don’t reproduce, only people reproduce. @toddwilsonClick To Tweet

The next 30 to 40 years are the reproducing church movement. @toddwilsonClick To Tweet

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