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CNLP 363: Jon Tyson on What the Future Church Needs to Do Post-COVID, What Leaders Missed in Rushing Back to Normal, and How to Rest Deeply in an Exhausting Era


By Carey Nieuwhof: Jon Tyson thinks the church missed a moment in rushing to get back to normal after COVID, and is perhaps missing a moment because of our response to racial reconciliation.

As usual, Jon offers some deep insights into this cultural moment, what the future church needs to do, how he and his family recovered from catching Coronavirus, and how to find real rest in the midst of an exhausting era.

Welcome to Episode 363 of the podcast. Listen and access the show notes below or search for the Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts and listen for free.

Plus, in this episode’s What I’m Thinking About segment, Carey shares the new characteristics of churches that will be in decline five years from now.

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1. The Church is missing a big opportunity during COVID

The Coronavirus has been one of the biggest opportunities for the church to step in and be Jesus to a broken and traumatized world in our lifetime. But rather than reaching out, repenting and changing, we went into hiding and asked, “When can we reopen?”

And in our quest for normalcy, we didn’t learn any of the great lessons we needed to learn in this season.

The normal the church is longing for just isn’t coming back. We keep seeking the old normal rather than asking “What does God want us to do in this season?” When our grandchildren ask us, “What did you do in the coronavirus? And all we can tell them is the list of shows we watched on Netflix, that’s not our best story. Sadly, for many Christians, that’s all this season has meant for us.

2. Politics could be doing more harm than good in your church

The U.S. is a broken and fractured nation. We live in a time of totalized political narratives. Neither political side can concede any ground, and that could be affecting your church. Jon has been a pastor for 20 plus years, and he’s never seen people leave the church over any issue, including sexuality, more than he has over politics. It is by far the most divisive subject to tackle.

He thinks the cause of this is because America is totally secular now, and that means that in our cultural understanding, there isn’t any afterlife. So, we are trying to fit an eternity of justice, joy and happiness into every moment. As the church, we need to offer an alternative to the divided culture, not amplify it from our stage.

3. If you want to share the Gospel with any community, you need to acknowledge their “sacred core”

Every community possesses a non-negotiable belief at the center of it, and until it’s acknowledged, you will not get any openness to have influence with them. For example, if you’re trying to bring the Gospel to someone in the gay community, you need to acknowledge that they think Christians just want to “pray the gay away.”

When Jon approaches this topic with his church, he says:

I know that there’s pain in your heart because you feel like in order for God to love and accept you, you have to become heterosexual. And I just want to say today, that’s not true. The gospel is not a gospel of heterosexuality, and that gay people must become straight. The gospel is the gospel of the Lordship of Jesus and that idea has all sorts of implications”

He then shows that he understands how anxious they must be for coming into a church service talking about homosexuality. When Jon takes this approach, he is gaining the ability to speak to someone in the gay community and for them to actually listen to what he’s preaching.

Quotes from Episode 363

Revival doesn’t happen without repentance. And maybe this was a moment that could have been very different.

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Once you know what a community fears, they’re so easy to manipulate. And Christians fear being uncompassionate. @JonTyson

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Bar a genuine move of God and radical discipleship, statistically we’ve lost the church. We can’t get it back by human means. @davidkinnaman

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If we don’t set the right habits, practices, vision and values deeply enough in the moment of disruption, we will revert back to the previous thing and miss the opportunity. @JonTyson

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Theology is an attempt to understand, but it can also be an attempt to control. @cnieuwhof

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Beauty is a form of resistance against the brokenness of the world. @JonTyson

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The gospel is always bigger than the church. It’s always crossing boundaries. @JonTyson

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Here’s what I know doesn’t advance the gospel—watering the gospel down. @JonTyson

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Christians run in when everyone runs out. @JonTyson

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I believe there is power in the truth, and then when preached prayerfully and humbly, God does the work through it. @JonTyson

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Very few people will be given the cultural influence and power to actually shape history, but all of us have unlimited agency to shape the world around us. @JonTyson

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Shame on us if 50 years from now when our grandchildren ask us, ‘What did you do in the Coronavirus?’ And all you can do is tell them the list out the shows you watched on Netflix. @JonTyson

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What you measure as a leader influences what you value. @cnieuwhof

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The internet is not going away anytime soon, and everybody you want to reach is online. @cnieuwhof

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Different opinions lead to better decisions. @cnieuwhof

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CNLP 363: Jon Tyson on What the Future Church Needs to Do Post-COVID, What Leaders Missed in Rushing Back to Normal, and How to Rest Deeply in an Exhausting Era

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