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Episode 444: A Church Plant Asked to Become One of Our Campuses


by New Churches: In Episode 444 of the NewChurches Q&A Podcast, Daniel and Todd discuss how to handle a church plant who is asking to become one of your campuses while also maintaining their autonomy.

“I have an interesting church dynamic question. Our church and leadership are very kingdom-minded and have a potential opportunity to launch one, possibly two, church campuses in the next twelve months. Here’s the twist: these campuses would launch under a different name. They are essentially current church plants that have approached us about becoming a campus with a live communicator/lead pastor at that location. We are working through the dynamics of what that would look like (financially, systems, etc.) and was curious if you knew of any other churches who are doing similar things. This is new territory and there is a lot to play at here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.”

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

Issues you need to be cautious of
What a residency model and a multisite-to-plant model look like

Shareable Quotes (#NewChurches):

“There are some things to be careful of: is this a financial issue? what’s their worth ethic like? what’s the culture they’ve created and does it fit with your culture?” – @toddadkins
“If they want to keep their own church planters and names, then bless them, but don’t make them your campuses.” – @danielsangi
“This is going to cause you to lose momentum in your church.” – @danielsangi
“You could make a network for your city.” – @toddadkins
“A residency model is allowing the church planter to get his feet wet while also allowing him to build a launch team within the church.” – @toddadkins
“Are they going to be able to submit to your authority and whatever authority you submit to?” – @toddadkins
“I would be careful that they are looking for a handout instead of a hand up.” – @toddadkins

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