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Fall Consultation FAQ’s


by Portable Church Industries: We’ve been talking to a lot of pastors lately who are launching, re-equipping or relaunching in the upcoming Fall Season. There’s a few common questions we hear concerning portable church consultations, and we thought we’d address them here for you.

What’s the first thing I need to do?

Give us a call! Every church has a different story and different needs. We wan to talk with you early, hear your vision and be able to plan your portable journey to ensure you launch with greatest success. Both with the most efficient portable system as well as a team and, because of smart planning, a community that has been well invested in!

I am launching Fall 2019, when should I book my consultation?

Right now! We still have some dates available for onsite assessments and designs. We have a range of consultation services – from virtual to in person – and will determine which model right for you. Most consultations are conducted M-F over a 1.5-3 day period. We recommend calling us ASAP, and booking your consultation at least 12 weeks before your first service.

What should I have completed before I book my consultation?

It’s best if you have already solidified the facility in which you will be meeting. If you are having a hard time locating a facility, or having trouble making a final decision in which facility to rent – give us a call. We will provide some coaching to help you choose a great facility. If you’d like us to visit in person to provide some on-site facility coaching, we can do that, too!

After the consultation, how soon do I need to place my order for a Fall Launch?
For a full system, our preference is 7-9 weeks before your first preview service. Make sure to tell your Church Launch Specialist your preferred delivery date so we can accommodate you right from the start!


How soon do I need to place an “equipment only” order for a Fall Launch? For cases & a trailer, our preference is 4-6 weeks but can be longer depending on workload (call us ASAP so we can begin scheduling you in!) For case-only, equipment-only or trailer-only orders, turn around is determined on a case by case basis (no pun intended).

How can I be sure that you can deliver the equipment by my launch date?
We can deliver, in person, up to 11 churches on most weekends. If there is still a team available on the date you are requesting, we will schedule the delivery date and teams as soon as your order is placed. If there isn’t another slot available on your requested weekend, we will look into other possible dates or work to come up with creative and resourceful solutions for you.

Yikes! I’m already behind. I start preview services in six weeks, and I’m just now calling you…
We can still help! Call our office directly at 800.939.7722 for a personalized recommendation for your situation. We’d love to be a part of the work you are doing!

We look forward to hearing what God is doing in your community. Your vision is inspiring to us!




Source: Fall Consultation FAQ’s