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Hosting an Outdoor Church Service that Reaches People with Hal Seed


by unSeminary: Today’s episode is a special “rushed” edition of the podcast. We wanted to get you this up to the minute help for your church.

Many churches are looking for advice on how to hold outdoor services and in today’s episode, we dive deep with Hal Seed on this issue!

Hal is the lead and founding pastor of New Song Community Church in Oceanside, California. New Song is a multisite church that is doing a lot of great stuff and reaching their community with a big impact. It was first planted nearly 30 years ago.

In today’s conversation, we hear about what lesson’s New Song is learning from their parking lot services including:

Why was it important for the church to start offering in-person services as well as online?What are they seeing as the ministry outcomes from hosting in-person services in this season?How are they meeting people where they are at in providing “multiple formats” of in-person experiences?What are they learning from doing children’s ministry in-person in this season?… and a bunch more!

Listen in to this conversation for some inspiration to help you as you navigate this season. Also, check out these free resources from Hal to dive even deeper into these issues:

How to Hold an Outdoor Church Service that People Love13 Specifics that will Grow your Outdoor Church Service

Source: Hosting an Outdoor Church Service that Reaches People with Hal Seed