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How to Align Ministries to Multiply Impact


By Daniel Im: We need to be teaching younger generations the truths that will last. Research studies show that teenagers are enjoying church and like the traditions of church but are unable to explain basic teachings of the Bible. Their belief system is “moral therapeutic deism.” Younger generations grasp the basic concepts but not the teachings. 

Church is an emotional journey for this demographic, and they go in order to feel good about themselves. Possibly most disheartening, their view of God is similar to a belief in Santa Claus. They know something is out there but only pray to God when they need something. These beliefs are far from orthodox truths of Christianity. In order to realign these views to build a next generation team, here is a five-step process to help your transition. 

1. Conviction and Dissatisfaction

You can’t continue to attract young people to your church events and opportunities without going back to the principle truths. God placed the church and the home in a strategic way to work together. These two institutions are to be conduits for the gospel. We want church and home to reinforce and strengthen each other, so that they become strong entities in the lives of young people. 

2. The Challenges the Church Leadership Gave Us

The journey to next generation ministry can start in student ministry and challenge adults to be involved in the lives of young people. It’s important to invest and mentor younger generations to help them identify their gifts and grow their relationships with God. 

A few challenges occur in most churches. You must get out of our individual ministry silos and start together working on the same team. You also must equip and engage parents in discipleship in the home. Church members, on average only get one to two hours of spiritual instruction at the church. However, we have 3,000 hours in the home. There is a huge opportunity to disciple and develop younger generations.

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Source: How to Align Ministries to Multiply Impact